Who’s THIS kid?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Patrick, I’m 23, and I live in Orlando. I’ve been listening and singing music my entire life.
I plan on reviewing music.
My musical tastes are not geographically centered but mostly Anglophonic.
Be forewarned, I’m opinionated and so that will be mostly what my blog includes: my opinion.
I did study music in college while, amongst other things, I earned a degree in Geography.
I hope to be objective about music, but music is such a personal statement, opinion will infiltrate that.
I shall make no apologies.

Patrick Mullins

P.S. So, if your even halfway interested, here is what my voice sounds like,  I know I messed up some words… ;P I sang ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ by Namie Amuro.


23 Responses to “Who’s THIS kid?”

  1. hi hi! Yumi_Kei here :)
    this blog rocks! your reviews are amazing, you treat it very profesionally. I especially like the Music Shuffle. That PLAY review was also nice. Full Moon is an amazig song, probably my favorite from Namie, ever. ;)

  2. Hey, great blog! Could you add me in your blog roll. Mine is about JPop too!!! Here is a link if you decide to add me.

    – – Mike M.

  3. I’ve been listening to JPop for about 7 months I think… I have just grown to love it :)

  4. Well you got yourself quite the little setup here dont you? Well I LOVE IT…and it seems so does everybody..
    but of course they do…

  5. Jaimee says: Yay for Patrick! I’m so proud of you, you musical-smarty-pants you! lol.

    I love your blog, I do check in from time to time, and I find that it keeps me on my toes music wise.

    I’ll always be here to provide you with terms such as “picardy 3rd” so yeaaaaah. ^_^

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I link to pretty much any blog that covers JPop with good writing, though right now I’m still trying to figure out how I came across yours. >>;

    I abuse certain words a lot when I write, and I’m not really musically knowledgeable, so I’m usually surprised when people like my writing. It’s nice to know you think my writing’s funny, though. XD

    I actually like Amuro Namie’s releases after Say the Word a lot, but since there’s a lot of bloggers I’ve seen who also like her, I guess I’ve sort of left it to them to post about her while picking up the writing slack on boybands and other pop groups. I do have a couple of drafts on her releases waiting to be finished and posted, though. Maybe I’ll get around to it sometime.

  7. Hey! I like your reviews and your site!

    Would you like yo exchange links? I’m also a music review site, check it out!


  8. sorry, I don’t do graphics, I had someone else do my banner for me.

  9. I found you through appears! Great! I love discovering new JPop. I used to be a huge Ayumi Hamasaki addict but have toned it down since there, I should vary my JPOP tastes

  10. Hey this is a great blog. I really enjoy your reviews. Wanna exchange links? I review some of the same artists as you do!


  11. Hey, I was wondering if you wanna exchange links? I really like your blog! ^^


  12. hey this is Ethan from psycho butterfly. you may have heard that we were shut down but we’re back up now.


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  14. You know, I love how well done your reviews are done.
    Anyway we could exchange links?

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    thanks for the comment in the instrumental of hide and seek…
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  16. Would u add me? I admire ur review so much, and u use so many hard word for stupid non native speaker like me. Haha and how to gain more comment?

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    Still a great blog

  18. Hello!
    I am a frequent visitor of your blog, I seriously loves it!!! Your reviews are amazing and so clear and well written <3

    can we exchange links? u can go there by click my username ^^

    thank ya!

    • I would but I have no idea how to link people that don’t use WordPress… walk me through it and I’d be more than happy to add you to my links :D


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  20. congrats that ur blog reached 100,000 views!!!

    i’m sorry i reply so late, i went on a vacation hahaha

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    hee hee i hope it makes sense ^^

  21. Wow, 100,000 views. Congratulations! I can only hope to have that many views someday haha.
    Care to exchange links?


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