New Artist Alert: CoMa

New Artist Profile
Location: Somerset, England
Genres: Pop, Folk, Future Pop, Dream-Hop, Ambient
Sounds Like: Jewel had a baby with a Witch House producer.
Latest Release: May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way EP

English artist, CoMa, creates off-kilter pop music from her base in the bucolic countryside of Somerset. The region is mostly known stateside for the Neolithic artifact Stonehenge, but CoMa may be its newest cultural manifestation to make a splash. Easy melodies and deep bass create atmospheric conditions like the moments before a severe thunderstorm never comes. It’s beautiful music, full of deeply personal poetry and classical elements. Tinges of military roughness, English pomp, and folksy guitars fuel an anti-genre sentimentality that pervades all of her music. Her voice quavers like Jewel’s speak-sing and awkwardly gorgeous aspirations and breaks. It’s unplugged, honest, and quirky. CoMa is one to watch. Her latest work, [Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Were True?], features ambient, piano-driven styling and vernal, airy vocals. As her first fully self-realized track, it shows immense promise and confidence, if her vocals can come across as a bit lazy at times. CoMa is one to watch and all of her music is available, most for free download, on Soundcloud.

If interested, the remix by POLYHYMNIΔ is outstanding. He takes the raw, simple chords and fuses them with his own flavor. Lush and interestingly rhythmic, he uses future garage to create a very coalesced, temperate feeling.

~ by vinyabarion on July 29, 2012.

One Response to “New Artist Alert: CoMa”

  1. :) Such lovely words. Just a sidenote ;P the song you are talking about that was remixed was a solo production by me :) Koda just leant guest vocals on it and it was remixed by a friend of his :) The piano etc originally were in the song

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