Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation Part 4

Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation
Various Artists
Fluorescent Records

The opening of the fourth and final arc of Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation is a sweeping, synth paradise. ian curtis wishlist’s [ai alone] is an astoundingly accessible track that features cascading synth; a bumping, trance-y bass; and every disco-house-euro-synth-k-j-pop inflection imaginable. It does bring to mind a lot of what made Ami Suzuki, Tiësto, and Perfume so special, but it’s behind such a powerful bass line and uses such interesting sounds that it evades any accusation of mimicking. The break down at the end, an unexpected, crackling meltdown is worth listening to for any diehard dance fan.

This melds into a slower groove set up by snarkily named Leon de Pounce’s [Athena]. Its beach-y, guitar-driven pop instrumental dances under a silky sheen of synth and distorted piano riffing through to Sambien’s [Mystic]. A serious downtempo moment after the two previous tracks, it sounds like heavily distorted Imogen Heap with a mechanical rhythm then a beautiful string section leads us out of the twilight. [Forever Life] begins as any good Coldplay song would but with more dissonance, less repetition. The Naadyn track even features a very melodic line which cinches it as a would-be pop song, only lacking vocals and about two more minutes.

Briefly we enter true indie pop richness with Chris Rehm’s [Coming Up Roses]. After the pop, we encounter a desolate musical landscape sawed by unrelenting noise. It’s at once flat and full of depth for upon deeper listening, the myriad notes form beautiful, dark chords in the noise. From full sound to minimalism, the track is devilishly acidic. It’s fades out but BLUE BLISS spins you back in with a sexy bass line and a disjointed cymbal-heavy track which features a little more reggae swing than you’d ever expect to hear here. In fact, I didn’t expect to hear any reggae so the fusion of ambient, hip-hop, and reggae come off as left field but still perfectly in tune with the rest of the last twenty minutes. Different genres will drop in and out over the almost seven and a half minutes of [Taranis Dub] but the ethereal ending steals the show, sending us flying out over space as the album ends.

Capping a hell of a ride [Taranis Dub], along with [Coming Up Roses], [ai alone], [phantom3], [ONE SUMMER], [Ghosts], [Drowning the Light], [10245], [Beth], [Free David], and [The Princess of the Internet is Dead] stand out as my favorite cuts from this extensive overview of independent, DIY artists. Completely worth your time and infinitely worth the money (it’s fucking free), this Fluorescent Records compilation of upcoming musicians undoubtedly deserves the space on your iPod this summer.

Available for free download on the Fluorescent Records site.

~ by vinyabarion on July 17, 2012.

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