Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation Part 3

Fluorescent Records Presents: Summer Vacation
Various Artists
Fluorescent Records

“Four Part Review by Who’s Afraid of Music?

The third arc features sampling. Drake’s [Crew Love] from Take Care is there in a stuttered, muffled form behind a fuzzy, booming background in AbdeCaf’s [Old Flame]. There also is a very straightforward sampling of Keith Sweat’s [Real Man], an awfully stereotypical R&B song from the late ‘90s. There isn’t anything new brought to the table with this track, it’s just the first few moments on repeat for two and a half minutes. Reminds me of what JPop producers do when they try to “do” R&B, except they don’t credit anyone but VΞRACOM’s [Sweat] definitely credits. PΛLM ΛRRΛY’s [GVLLΛ GVLLΛ ISL∑ND] finds a coastal atmosphere of ill-mixed lapping waves and staccato rhythms in the vein of witch house. Chipmunk voices also complement what feels like a witchy Rihanna / Akon track from 2006. I enjoy the simple bass line and deconstructed musicality of the track.

Khan Kurra’s track is one of the most hyped and I found it lackluster and honestly a little boring. [Nadjya] which is a variation on the Russian word for hope, is a tinkling, whispering track that continues to melt around itself for almost five minutes. Perhaps it’s a reference to Russia’s ongoing struggle between capitalism and communism; with the allure of money the background vocals caveat this exchange: black market. (I tried.) ARPEGGI8’s [CHOIR GIRLZ / PRAISE POSIEDON] is an exercise in basic choral arrangement featuring a pounding 4/4 beat with a little background syncopation to give a bouncy twist to the harmonious sea nymphs. This arc is short and sweet. It features none of the darkness found in the previous two and not anywhere near as much innovation. On the other hand, the next arc is glorious, so get ready. I’m going to gush about it.

~ by vinyabarion on July 15, 2012.

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