Dreams Everlasting

Bijou Winters
Dreams Everlasting
Fluorescent Records

After hearing Bijou Winters vocals on Koda and POLYHYMNIA’s latest albums, Dreams Everlasting had a high bar to vault over. I was expecting an eerily beautiful jaunt into her dripped world; instead what I was given was a slow build of ambience to the only real coherent thought on the album, [She Fell from the Sky], a melding shadow of crisscrossing dissonance and a rhythm of an apneic heart rate. Also, this and [Alourr] with Koda are the only tracks where I can discern actual English words.  Her vocals meow and mellow in her Emilíana Torrini-esque tremble but as one of the only “vocalists” I’ve heard from this movement, her sheer lack of enunciation is disastrous to whatever she is trying to get across. But, she is one to watch. Her voice is otherworldly, something unique and worth honing. There is talent here, no doubt. As a vocalist myself, I find that music with vocals has a beautiful advantage to instrumental music: we can say what it is, not just hint at it. Without a clear lyric from her, I find the vocals unnecessary when surrounded by all the dreamy soundscaping. It is beautiful, though; the production is gorgeous and even the most asleep-at-the-wheel tracks on Bijou’s part are masterfully mixed at Producer Winters’ hand. Stand out production in [Exposed] has an Enya sort of ring while the final track [Sea of Dreams] uses a fantastical use of tidbits of her vocals to dot an oceanic terrain of distortion. Dreams Everlasting is lost, directionless and afloat in its own atmosphere, but not without merit. I feel like Bijou has the opportunity to voice a movement, and she hides behind her boards. Step up, Bijou, and be understood, not just heard.

It’s available for free download here. Enjoy, courtesy of Fluorescent Records!

To clear up any confusion one might have over music journalism or musical criticism from yours truly: I, when I dislike an album, am never saying do not listen to it. Of course you should listen to it! You have your own opinion and since you’re here, I assume you’d like to know mine. I’m not trying to be hurtful or pessimistic or rude. I’m simply stating what I believe and it’s as subjective as music itself. Listen to everything I post, if you’d like. Especially when there is a link. Music touches people and moves people in a myriad ways that I can only muse about. What I say here isn’t set in stone: I don’t have that big of an ego. Perspective changes everday, mine included. Music is never worthless. Music is my life. Music transcends infinitely. We are music and I just want to share it.

~ by vinyabarion on July 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “Dreams Everlasting”

  1. I approve of the review. I’ve only been making music since late march, so, still learning. This probably isn’t very artist like of me, I absolutely do not like the EP at this point and don’t encourage the download. Sorry, to diss the music so much.

    • I think it’s a great start, Bijou! It’s beautiful and ethereal, all things I associate with you. Keep working, you’re a real talent!

  2. but thank you for the review dear =^_^=
    Keep doing what you do.

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