Namie Amuro
avex trax

“’Cause I’m your bad habit.”

Mercilessly stealing the hook from Boys II Men’s [I’ll Make Love to You] on [Meaning of Us], featuring smart, eclectic electropop on the concept-inducing [Dr.] and [Defend Love], and transgressing on faux paus as to how many times she can recreate [It’s All About You]; Namie Amuro, my hands-down favorite JPop artist, does fail to impress but doesn’t cease to please on her ninth studio album. The production is flawless, her voice auto-tuned to slink and bounce over her typical song choices from long-time collaborators T. Kura, Michico, and Nao’ymt. Impressive moments include the breakdown at the end of [Copy That], the sheer vocal sensibility of [First Timer], cutesy [My Love], and the dark 80’s vibe of [Defend Love]. Overall, it’s the same schtick from PLAY with an update, but it at least points in the right direction.

~ by vinyabarion on July 9, 2012.

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