Adam Lambert
19 / RCA
Billboard Album Chart: #1

“No trespassers… yeah, my ass! Wait till they get a load of me!”

Okay, gay in-your-face-tones out of the way, the Adam Lambert album isn’t bad. It feels like Femme Fatale with an infinitely better vocalist and it might even be good if it weren’t for some truly awful, cheesy lyrics and a bit of, dare I say it, over-singing on the part of Glambert. Definitely listen to it, though, as there is a little bit of everything and even I found a few standout tracks that I would have been sad to be living without. My penchant for dark pop has only grown since college and the venemous, deep bassof  [Chokehold] and silky, understated melody of  [Outlaws of Love] both make me turn the lights down. Radio-friendly single [Never Close Our Eyes] is frustratingly missing from the nation’s summer playlist and [Naked Love] is just plain fun; it’s an excellent single choice. The production in [Broken English] also deserves a nod with the [La Tortura]-famed production of Lester Mendez. The deluxe also features a great track: [Running] which is eyeshadow-drama in the correct amount for him. Overall, a well-produced sophomore album from an American Idol alumnus who still suffers from the overt drama of his lyricists and a tepid, homophobic, anti-dance rocker fanbase.


~ by vinyabarion on July 6, 2012.

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