Kylie Minogue
Timebomb (Single)
Written by: Karen Poole, Matt Schwartz, Paul Harris

“Fast, time is ticking now so fast / the sand is running quick right, through our hands” startes the Dame of Pop. Kylie Minogue may be closing in on 50, but the woman is still pumping out radio-shattering goodness from her home base of Australia. Too bad her exports never quite make the impact in this corner of the world that they do abroad. For all her successes, she’s only racked up one Top 10 single in the States as opposed to 30+ in the UK over the course of her four decade career.

A bouncily distorted bass line leads this dance number; the chorus: a slinky, exciting mess of clapping, fuzzy synth, and a bomb-dropping vocal line. It’s definitely a well-crafted song with little to no real intrinsic value, but worth some serious rotation and raucous disco evening repeats. And after all, this is Kylie we’re talking about; and from what I can tell of her discography, it isn’t like she’s making a grand point about life other than to say, “Dance like it was the last dance of your life,” ‘cause it’s a bomb ready to go off. And I think she plans on detonating it before it detonates her.


~ by vinyabarion on May 31, 2012.

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