Koda Kumi
July 8, 2009
Rhythm Zone
avex trax
Weekly Singles Chart Peak: #2
Opening Sales: 62,576

You wanna talk about an artist just meeting expectations; Koda Kumi’s latest single is a handbook to giving her fans a solidly mediocre summer single. Where 2006’s 4 hot wave gave JPop lovers everywhere four auditory masterpieces of fun, 3 SPLASH does its best to just keep the status quo of the slightly-better-than-good FREAKY. [Lick me ❤], the lead song from the triple A-side, sounds like so many other Koda songs: [With Your Smile] (4 hot wave), [Come Over] (愛のうた), [空] and [girls]; the last two being utterly uninspiring tracks from 2007’s summer blockbuster FREAKY. It’s not a bad song, it’s bubblegum pop and Koda does that well (see above), but it’s the fact that I’ve heard it all before… multiple times on multiple singles. [ECSTASY], which is described on her site as being a “cool dance number”, is anything but. It falls flat and just sounds like a failed attempt to recreate the magic that was 2006’s [No Regret] while throwing in some vocoder courtesy of the States utter compulsion to put it in every song that has come out in the last year. The only saving grace of this song is the really cool harmony in the chorus. [走れ!] or “Run!”, is a straight rock track that isn’t as expected as the rest of the single but still doesn’t quite capture any summer magic. The Caramel Pod E remix of [ECSTASY] is quite good, though and so is the remix of [走れ!], but these two things are in no way good enough reasons to spend $15 on this second-rate summer single.

3.25 Stars

~ by vinyabarion on July 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “3 SPLASH”

  1. I agree, this single is completely mediocre, if not downright annoying. Hearing the emcees say “Koda Kumi: Lick me” is far more interesting than anything on this single.

  2. Ugh… she’s such a tease, and not in the good way. Every time I try and wash my hands of her, she shows promise of doing something utterly hot and delicious. (Usually only to dissapoint again with her following singles) She did it with “BUT”, she did it with “TABOO”, and I thought she was going to do it again once I found out her new single had a song called “Lick Me” on it. But alas, there was no follow through.
    I still like Kumi, I really do, but she seriously needs to get her stuff together.

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