When Love Takes Over

When Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland
April 21, 2009
Virgin / EMI
Written by: Kelly Rowland, Miriam Nervo, Olivia Nervo, Fred Rister
Produced by: David Guetta, Fred Rister

Kelly Rowland may have been in Beyoncé’s shadow these past years, but, really, shadow isn’t a strong enough word. Beyoncé has more eclipsed Kelly and even more so Michelle, given credence by the fact that you are probably asking who Michelle is… But with her new pairing with David Guetta, a French electric musician of some fame, she is beginning to carve her own niche in the music industry apart from the mid-tempo R&B of her sophomore album Miss Kelly. [When Love Takes Over] is a mix of Coldplay’s [Clocks] (with rapid piano scaling and building 808 to a very disco-esque vibe, if it wasn’t Guetta’s intention to begin with) and Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s duet [No Air]. Some of the intervallic relationships in the chorus and surrounding melody feel very similar to [No Air], if not almost exactly the same. There are some moments of soul in Kelly’s voice towards the bridge and ending as the backdrop of electronica backs down and lets her voice shine, but overall it is a very pop-y performance, liken to a Donna Summer disco record but [When Love Takes Over] is definitely a good song, regardless of its pedigree. I expect it be very well received by radio and from the few moments of the music video I saw, it should have a beautiful vision tied to it as well.

4 and a Half Stars

~ by vinyabarion on June 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “When Love Takes Over”

  1. Yes, funnily

  2. I discovered David Guetta less than a day before this post. Haha, I love it when stuff likt this happens. I’m still trying to let [When Love Takes Over] sink into my system, and it’s having a more difficult go of it than 2007’s “Love is Gone.”

  3. I haven’t heard anything else by him and I listened to it because of Kelly Rowland… so… yeah… lol… it’s cool though that that happens like that… it usually happens with me with words or stuff… tapas did it like a week ago lol

  4. hey great post but Ms. Kelly was her second album Simply Deep was her first

    • You know when I was re-reading it I thought that she might have had an album before that. Thanks, I’ll fix it :D.

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