Songs I’m Loving Right Now

I Am… Sasha Fierce

Benoncé’s dumbass would release a song like this. It’s fierce as f*** and catchy to boot! Really, the chorus is all this song needs to explain itself: “It’s too big / it’s too wide / it’s too strong / it won’t fit”… yep, she went there…

Me Muero
This Is The One

Utada’s album may have been bad but there were some glimmery moments of good songwriting. You see, I know she has it in her because I listen to her Japanese releases, but for some reason when she gets around to writing in English she hits a wall of dumb, but [Me Muero] is a shining bastion of good writing and musicallity from her panned second album. Funky 60s era groove, modern hip-hop beat and you’ve got yourself a great back drop to scenes with her sitting in her pajamas, eating Godiva, and reading old emails. “Me Muero” literally means “I die”… 

Girls Aloud
Out of Control

Grade-A British girl group gives us an electronic future of synthesizer and soaring vocals. The world rejoices, so should you.

Key to My Heart
Danity Kane
Welcome to the DollhouseEven though they’re broke up, Danity Kane still has a good single in that sophomore / last album of theirs. [Key to My Heart] is a beautiful ode to a cheating boyfriend with a break comprised of unlocking a lock and stunning harmonies. 


Waking Up in Vegas
Katy Perry
One of the Boys

Another rock / pop/ dance track from Katy Perry in the vein of [Hot N Cold] and [I Kissed a Girl] but, the miracle of it is that it stands apart while still feeling cohesive. And whatever those other critics might say, One of the Boys is an excellent album, well worth your money.

1st & Love

Perfect Pop & B from Brandy. This song is beautifully produced and sang. It deserves to be a single and another one of 13 excellent reasons to by the album.

Lady GaGa
The Fame

You caught me, I love GaGa… for real. She’s classically trained, talented, and crazy all of which make her to most exciting thing to hit pop culture since… uh… I’m not sure, but it’s a good thing, for sure. [Paparazzi], the fourth single (more than likely) off her debut album has a great hook and a stomping hip-hop beat. And the music video is a masterpeice. Pus Pus… (which is Swedish by the way)
You Belong With Me
Taylor Swift

Taylor is great, and I know she can’t sing live, but I love her anyway. [You Belong With Me] is another great pop song by a country artist and it’s so catchy you just have to sing along…

이발소 집 딸 (A Barbershop’s Daughter)
Hyori Lee
It’s Hyorish

Hyori Lee must have known that the title of her album sounds like whorish, right? And Kuu knew about TRICK, too, right? Anyway, this song features a group of the cutest sounds bunch of young Korean kids singing with Hyori who sounds almost as cute. It’s a great song that most people in the JPop / KPop community have no idea about… now you do… (that is, if you read my blog…)

*Okay, so the reason that isn’t [LoveGame] isn’t on this list is because I’ve been obsessed with [LoveGame] since I got the album in November. It’s superfluously amazing. If you haven’t heard it, call you radio and request it. It’s pop perfection…

~ by vinyabarion on June 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Songs I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. I have an intense love-hate relationship with Beyonce.

    Diva was flat out epic. Would you recommend Ego as well for someone who liked that song?

    And dude, LoveGame IS sonic pop perfection. The video is pretty fun as well.

    • I would.


      It’s good, but [Diva] is more of a dance song than [Ego], which is more of an up-beat R&B track… but I like it. I’d say if you liked [Halo] and [Single Ladies…] you’ll like this…

  2. i loved Utada’s album! Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence- FYI was great and so was come back to me. and it seems like ur love for kpop and jpop is starting to wane considering ur choices for this list

  3. PATRICK! I freaking love your blog…I just forgot how much. LOL I totally agree with the Taylor Swfit song. I like her just because she uses easy chords for her songs, so I can play all of them on the guitar and sing them too :) And love game is sick! So is the video..LOL Hmm, lets see: Danity Kane? The only song I can remember from them is something about riding in a caddy and doing things girls shouldn’t do. And I thought it was just one girl singing LOL. I’m glad you keep me up-to-date on the music world! I can’t wait for you to come visit me! Miss you, love!

  4. You know you’re totally right about 1st & Love, i LOVE that song. Actually the whole album is great lol Also You Belong With Me is a really fun song too~ Its catchy lol

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