Top 50 Singles of 2008: 30-21

And here goes 30 through 21…

Colbie Caillat

A gorgeous song by Colbie Caillat that made me realize how much I liked her in 2008.

Saving Abel

A rocking song about “going down”. This song was a favorite of mine this year for going there and liking it.

Metro Station
Shake It

Miley Cyrus’s brother is a great vocalist (unlike her) and this song did exactly as its title promised. Mission accomplished…

Hyori Lee feat. Nassun

A popiliscious confectionary track that profoundly gave plastic surgery a boost. HEY, U GO GIRL!

Shimizu Shota

A stunning R&B ballad by newcomer Shimizu. He has a gorgeous voice but total success still seems to elude him.

Viva La Vida

While everyone has propounded this song as the best of year, I find it exceptional but not the best.

Lady GaGa
Poker Face

A bumping electronic clash of poker-inspired love, GaGa was perfectly danceable this year. A complete snuff that The Fame wasn’t nominated for best dance album at the Grammys.

Lil Wayne feat. Static Major

This quadruple entendre of “liking the lollipop, liking the wrapper…” is legendary pop culture.

Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake
4 Minutes

A booming, Timbaland produced [Loose My Breath]-esque dance single that Madonna featured more then headlined to JT.

Katy Perry
I Kissed a Girl

Ahh, yes… lesbianism has never been cooler… okay, fine maybe on the L Word… or Ellen… but this is right up there. Besides, Katy Perry kinda makes my life.

~ by vinyabarion on February 23, 2009.

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