Top 50 Singles of 2008: 40-31

And here is 40-31…

Taylor Swift
Should’ve Said No

It’s not cool to cheat on your girlfriend. And you’re screwed if you cheat on this particular girlfriend because she will write a song about it…

Don’t Stop the Music

A great dance song that had me shakin’ everything earlier this year. Mamasay mamasah mama kohsa!

Right Here (Departed)

A beautiful, heavily layered song about always being there. Soba ni iru ne!

Lil Wayne
A Milli

Yes, that’s right. This song was the shit, and so is Lil Wayne apparently…

Kumi Koda

A completely fresh Kuu song. I loved it and it renewed my interest in her this year.

Namie Amuro
Do Me More

A radio hit from BEST FICTION, this song, while sounding a lot like [The Way I Are] is still amazing.

Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne
Let It Rock

A great song from a new artist this year. I hope he can keep it up through 2009.

Estelle featuring Kanye West
American Boy

English R&B singer, Estelle, delivers a smooth hit stateside with the help of Kanye West who gives a Grammy-nominated feature.

Warwick Avenue

Another newcomer this year, Duffy gives a sparkling vocal performance (which is why she won Best Vocal Pop Album at the Grammy’s).

Jay-Z and T.I. featuring Lil Wayne and Kanye West

Using a sampling of M.I.A.’s [Paper Planes], this astounding peice of American rap is pitch perfect and so much fun.

~ by vinyabarion on February 22, 2009.

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