Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson
September 30, 2008
Billboard Hot 200 Peak: #2

Jennifer Hudson’s eponymous debut album is a decidedly predictable turn of events. Over half the album feels like it was ripped out of the Dreamgirls soundtrack but happily the other half is exciting and completely compelling. The lead single, and album stand-out, [Spotlight] uses a straight forward beat to underscore a genuinely wonderful vocal performance, marred only by a stolen run towards the end of the second verse, lifted from Chris Brown in [Forever]. The lone dance track, [Pocketbook] is a romping Timbaland produced track that has the club scene ready to get their throwing arms in shape with a spine-twisting beat and an authentically original hook and concept, “Don’t make me hit you with my pocketbook” she warns with a surprisingly rapt rap section by Ludacris. Her ballads, while being rather bland in arrangement, are still good vehicles for her grandiose vocal stylings, the best being [If This Isn’t Love]. Of course, it fights the corny turn of “If you got real love / let me see you put your hands up” but follows it with a stunning chromatic scale that Hudson sings with perfection. The album is peppered with not-quite-filler tracks like [What’s Wrong (Go Away], a duet with T-Pain and a few lifelessly arranged pieces that Hudson gives her soul to with little lasting effect. Luckily the album ends on a high note with the last true album track [Invisible] with a true account finally leaving obscurity behind her. In retrospect that song has more than one consequence as we’ve seen with the tragic deaths in her family. I send my heartfelt condolences to her and her family. Overall, a good debut and I’m excited for what is in the future of Jennifer Hudson and her apparently boundless talent.

Download: Pocketbook



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