Because I Love It


Amerie – Because I Love It
Release: May 14, 2007 (UK)
September 30, 2007 (USA, limited)
Label: Columbia

Amerie may be considered a second rate Beyoncé but she is anything but. Her third solo album, Because I Love It was the best R&B album of 2007 and no one but Europe heard it (and what do they know about R&B?) I was lucky to find it in FYE as an import. From the violin-tastic intro of [Forecast] with its amazing harmonies to the decidedly 80’s vibe of [Hate 2 Love U], Amerie runs her vocal gambits. The sexy lead single, [Take Control] uses a great go-go rhythm and employs the amount of sex [Touch] had back in 2005. Her sexiness runneth over with the urban bedroom track called [That’s What U R] where you can almost see her bedroom eyes staring you down. Her greatest downfall is the beauty of the latter half of the album which requires a softer side which Amerie cannot seem to pull out of herself. She pushes her vocals down the throat of two ballads: [Somebody Up There] and [All Roads] which ruin their amazing arrangements. She does her best work on the two up-tempo tracks and two mid-tempo songs all in the mid-section of the album (anyone else seeing a pattern?): [Take Control], [Gotta Work], [Crush], and [Crazy Wonderful].Of the two mid-tempo songs, [Crush] has the best musical and lyrical quality with lines like “Wish I could wear your touch, / like pumps when I’m dressing up, / Without you I’m incomplete.” There are so many good points about this album that really finding flaws is a hard job, but you know me…

Download: Crush


~ by vinyabarion on November 17, 2008.

One Response to “Because I Love It”

  1. I’ve actually never listened to Amerie before. Maybe I’ll try her out.

    I detect a few new changes around the site?

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