Koda Kumi
October 8, 2008

Oricon Ranking
Daily: #1
Weekly: #1

Sales Total: 66,569
Rhythm Zone

Speaking of shipping, I finally got TABOO, Koda Kumi’s latest single (Damn you, Christopher Columbus). I had already heard the full song on YouTube sometime previously and had enjoyed it and in a split second had ordered the single. Now, no one has ever accused Koda Kumi of being demure, and they certainly aren’t going to start anytime soon. This music video had me getting a little worried. I remember watching the ‘BUT’ video and thinking, what is she going to do to top this? She’s going to have to get raped on camera or something… well… she basically did. The music video consists of her being bullied into erotic situations and basically being a slut, and I mean that in the strictest, most business-like way.

As for the music, she crackles her way across the speakers over a hard-hitting techno beat with enough synthesizer and voice effects to make T-Pain happy and she does it very well. The song is a fun, erotic, dance number and we all know how well she pulls those off (see Selfish, JUICY, Amai Wana, BUT, Shake It, D.D.D., Cherry Girl, FREAKY…) the girl is sexy… But regardless of the merits this song presents as a dance number, it falls flat somewhere. Maybe in how American it sounds, or maybe the melody, but the song isn’t one of the great sex songs of her career…

The B-side on the other hand is wonderful. Along with the sex, we know Koda can do cute as hell at the drop of dime. ‘Always’, this heavily synthesized up-tempo pop song is a welcome addition to the single. The melody is also a pretty and I like pretty.

The remix can be summed up thusly: sad and boring. Boo for you HOUSE NATION… whoever you are…

Overall a good single, but I wanted more somehow, though that may be the point, maybe this is just a taster of her newer material and we are going to get slammed with the good shit here in a second. Here’s hoping…

Grade: 84%



~ by vinyabarion on October 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “TABOO”

  1. Disclaimer: I am a sucker for heavy heavy synth….

    This is one of Koda’s best singles in quite awhile, to be honest. or, well, at least her best single since BUT/Aisho/ It’s rediculous how many plays Taboo has gotten on my mp3 player already.

    It’s great, but I keep waiting for another amazing release like 4 hot wave…

  2. me encanta su look KODA KUMI banzai banzai!!!!!!!!

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