Dark Angel

Hyori Lee
Dark Angel
February 13, 2006
Sales Total: 58,000
DSP Entertainment

Regardless of the controversy that surrounded the first single off Hyori Lee’s sophomore album, Dark Angel still has enough stand out tracks to make it worth the import cost of music these days (just ask me how much shipping was on Koda Kumi’s new single TABOO). Get Ya’ the infamous rip off of Britney Spears’s Do Somethin’ has more spunk and glam than Do Somethin’ had on its best day. Replacing the clingy electronic sizzle for a more dizzying array of violin-tinged synthesizer and better lyrical content, Get Ya’ does a much better job of pulling me to the dance floor. The darkness of the track lends itself more to the zombie infestation of Hyori’s video instead of Britney’s kiss-off which fell flat at #100 on the Billboard charts. The beginning of the album is a memory game of dance beats and synth all of which sound wonderful against Hyori’s sexy, feminine voice. ‘Depth’ won me over for its darting, reverberating beat and booming bass line while ‘Straight Up’ is about as interesting as a Ciara ballad. Of course where Get Ya’ veered off from the Britney format, the title track ‘Dark Angel’ is more of a rip-off of the song which uses the same sampling elements with a bit of cow bell (and I’m serious). The album spins into a few Spanish flavored tracks and then into Winter Freshness, a beautiful French-tinged ballad which Hyori pulls of magnificently. The album then goes back into its Spanish flair and then into the next best track on the album, the second single ‘Shall We Dance?’, a spastically amazing mix of sampled instruments from cultures across the globe with a beat to rival any Western artist. ‘Slave’, a song in the same vein of ‘Get Ya’’ and ‘Dark Angel’ is good but the next song ‘E.M.M.M.’ is a punk-inspired rock number that adds that cute karaoke element, and I mean that in a good way, if that’s possible. The last two tracks are ballads with little impressionability to them. Overall, a good pop album, that if you like KPop and love American Rhythm & Pop will strangle you with sticky beats and you’ll love it, just as I do.

Shall We Dance? 

~ by vinyabarion on October 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dark Angel”

  1. Stupid bitch, Ciara’s ballads are shittin’ all over ya damn life!

  2. Dude, where have you been!?

    Haha, I love this album to death and beyond. the title track is delicious, Shall We Dance is amazing, and Dear Boy is fun for what it’s worth. Stealing A Glance is also pretty groovy for channeling old school R&B.

    Ugh… don’t dissapear like that again.

  3. Sorry… school and a job will do that to you… I’m back for a bit now, :D

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