Give It 2 Me

Give It 2 Me
Madonna ft. Pharrell
Hard Candy

I thought I had seen the worst of the geriatric striptease that is Madonna these days, but I was wrong. If the awfully telling ‘4 Minutes’ video didn’t let you know that Madonna was almost 50 (she looks like she is trying so hard to be cool), then this bleached out, jittery music video certainly will. After whiting out most of the lines of her body that would show age, including the tell-tale hip area, we get to see our grandmother break it down like it’s 1984. I mean honestly, I am all for sexy aging, but it’s like Madonna had a slumber party for all her AARP gals and played dressed up, got a hold of a microphone and sang to herself in the mirror and someone tapped it.

The song itself is like the rest of Hard Candy, loose fitting, Timbaland cut & paste, no-teeth pop. It’s not even infectious, it’s just nice. The beat is tight, the melody is nice, the song is so-so. Madonna’s production is tired. Timbaland is, for lack of a better expression, so five-minutes ago. His music has the same feeling. I can tell when he does a song. I’m tired of him like I’m tired of Beyonce…

Meanwhile, back from my tangent:

The point being that Madonna gets sexier the more clothes she puts on. She seems to be trying to prove that she is still sexy, but no one is arguing that, she’s the best looking 50 year old of all time, but we really don’t need to see that much skin to get the point across. Okay, Maddy?


~ by vinyabarion on August 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Give It 2 Me”

  1. Why talk about Timbaland’s production here when this song was produced by The Neptunes?

    I have to agree with you on the clothing thing though.

  2. Oh shit, shame shame… my bad… and I like the Neptunes… but this song sounds not so amazing by them… my bad… besides, Timbaland produced a good bit of this album…

  3. True. =] Hope I didn’t offend you with my earlier comment.

  4. Fuck You…

  5. yay someone got mad… :D made my day lol…

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