[Hitomi Shimatani]
June 25, 2008
Daily Singles Chart: #19
Avex Trax


Lyrics: 古屋真 [Furuya Shin] / Music & Arrangment: 笹本安詞 [Yasushi Sasamoto]

‘WAKE YOU UP’ will definitely, though whether or not you wanted to be up is up to you. Honestly, it sounds like nothing I’ve heard from Miss Shimatani; a messy, loud arrangement of elements that worked well in 1994. If you could call to mind the most cliché anime opening you have ever heard, ‘WAKE YOU UP’ would fall right next to it: a few American Gospel elements mixed in with 90s electronica, think Namie Amuro’s ‘Don’t wanna cry’ (1996) but busier. Although, once all the craziness pulls away and allows Hitomi’s voice to actually be heard, we find a chorus that is effortlessly sweet and catchy. With a different arrangement, ‘WAKE YOU UP’ might have been a welcome quit to your somnolence, but instead it’s that annoying cell phone alarm that won’t shut off.

雨の日には 雨の中を 風の日には 風の中を
[Ame no Hi ni wa Ame no Naka wo Kaze no Hi ni wa Kaze no Naka wo]
[In the Rain When It’s Rainy, In the Wind When It’s Windy]
Lyrics: 相田みつを [Mitsuo Aida] / Music: AKIHITO

A short folk-like opening and Shimatani begins a rather boring verse that ends with a chorus that takes almost its entire length to say the title of the song. The song is boring, plain and simple; nothing remotely interesting about it except for the length of its title.

Lyrics: 六ツ見純代 [Sumiyo Mutsumi] / Music:  コモリタミノル [Coterita Minoru]

Had ‘Camellia’ had been slowed down a bit, it would sound just like ‘Marvelous’. Seriously, the only difference is that the melody doesn’t sparkle, shine, or generally be interesting at any point.


I keep hoping that Shimatani Hitomi is going to pull it together and do something spectacular, but it’s like she given up doing music that even attempts to be interesting. Another disappointment from her, that will, if it is lucky, land in the Top 30. Get it together Avex… give her a little help… ‘cause she obviously can’t do it herself. Pull something from the Namie Amuro / Koda Kumi catalogue, why don’t you?


~ by vinyabarion on June 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “WAKE YOU UP”

  1. oh good lord… I saw the title of this song and I almost died. and she released two of them on the same day. D:

  2. I thought this was a great single. It was a huge improvement over Nakitai Nara for me.

  3. […] But it’s something that Hitomi would do so I can’t say I’m not surprised. And as vinyabarion stated, it was similar to Camellia but not as […]

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