think of me / no more tears


[Namie Amuro]
think of me / no more tears
January 24, 2001
Weekly Singles Chart: #7
Total Sales: 112,670
Avex Trax

[Tetsuya Komuro]

think of me
Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: Dallas Austin


In anyone’s opinion, this is bar-none the worst song Namie ever put out. Vocally, it sucks on a level of rejected American Idol auditions, while simultaneously making me wish I could have choked who ever told her that these songs were good enough to put on a disc. I mean, I just don’t understand how this single got released. It is that bad. On an extremely happier note, she re-recorded it for her LOVE ENHANCED SINGLE COLLECTION and did the song justice. It is a very pretty song with a nice message and a very simple melody and a few key changes.

no more tears
Lyrics, Music, and Arrangement: 小室哲哉 [Tetsuya Komuro]

no more tears is slightly better and I actually liked this song. It’s about a girl saying that she’s not going to cry over her boyfriend anymore. It’s cool. It was a very electronic arrangement and cascading background of keyboard. It’s very staccato in places and a great chorus that will more than likely get stuck in your head.

Lyrics: Jasper Cameron, Jason Chenevert / Music : Ricciano Lumpkins

An R&B number worthy of TLC, I TO YOU bounces and ticks its way along as Namie lays a whispery, faulted performance. The melody isn’t amazing and neither is the chorus. This song is rather bland and very uninspired.


I have come to the conclusion that when Amuro is good, she’s amazing. But when she is bad, she’s becomes one of the lowest grades I have ever given on Who’s Afraid of Music?. Sadly, the single sucked up what little sales figures she had left leading into the SUITE CHIC-STYLE era. After all the sub-par releases, most of her fans left her for Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru, both of which were releasing better music during the early part of this decade. I really hate to say that about Ayumi Hamasaki… her lyrics may have spoken to a generation, but the actual music was boring.


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