(Koda Kumi)
July 11, 2008
Daily Singles Chart: #2
Weekly Singles Chart: #2 (Prediction)
Billboard Japan
Weekly Singles Sales: ??
Rhythm Zone
Masato “Max” Matsuura

Moon Crying
Lyrics: 倖田來未 [Koda Kumi] / Music: [Miwa Furuse]

While I have said more than once that all of Koda Kumi’s ballads sound the same, for some reason this one doesn’t. Thank God… A soft piano takes center stage while Koda’s echoic vocals pierce the cloud of chords and runs produced by the main instrument. Interestingly enough for Koda, her vocals and performance seem less sincere and more rehearsed. Heard very distinctly here, she sounds almost bored, dead, as if trying to be more demure, as if she is a bit self-consious after her disasterous comment, something that doesn’t work for her very often (‘anytime‘ is one example in which it works). Also, it runs emotionless through the chorus and even the bridge. All together disappointing but a blessing to find a more original ballad (and that’s not really saying very much from her).

That Ain’t Cool
Music & Lyrics: Stacy Fergusen, Kumi Koda, Keith Harris

Borrowing from most of Koda Kumi’s hit dance singles, ‘That Ain’t Cool’ sounds more like a watered down version of ‘Amai Wana‘ than anything especially cutting-edge. Vocally, Koda Kumi not only takes second fiddle to Fergie’s gritty voice, she takes backup, never singing a chorus. Her more sensual voice contained in a single verse with an almost unforgivable amount of Engurish. While her English skills are undoubtedly better than they were in the train wreck that was her cover of ‘A Whole New World’ on Black Cherry, they are no where near good enough for an entire song with a native English-speaker.

Once Again
Music & Lyrics: PUSHIM

‘Once Again’ is, dare I say it, basically boring. It has the definite Reggae feel, but without the correct delivery from Koda; but who can get much out of a song that drags at like 45 bpm.. The song should have been more upbeat, clubb-ish. The lyrics are boring and her pronunciation is pinched and in general this song is just quite bad. In vain, I was hoping for something along the lines of the remix of ‘Freaky‘. I was sorely upset at what I was given.

Lady Go!
Lyrics: 倖田來未 [Koda Kumi] / Music: 森本康介 [Kousuke Morimoto]

About the best thing about ‘Lady Go!’ is that it saves us from ending the single on such a sour note. Where ‘Once Again’ was boring with a touch of bland, ‘Lady Go!’ feels quite different with a super-upbeat progession of synthetic drums and plenty of airy synth and bleeps. The melody is much more memorable and in general feels more true to Koda Kumi’s signature style.


Overall, this single was a disappointment. Only ‘Lady Go!’ showcased Koda Kumi as Koda Kumi, ‘Moon Crying’ fell flat in an unexpected way, and ‘Once Again’ just proved how much they need to preview songs before they record them. Even if ‘That Ain’t Cool’ was not that best song since ‘JUICY’, it still had a beat that made me get up and dance. It would have been a great addition as a solo song for the released version of The Dutchess.

On the TOKIO HOT 100, ‘Moon Crying’ and ‘That Ain’t Cool’ debuted next to each other at #70 and #69 respectifully.

P.S. Sorry that took so long… here we go on a good stretch of reviews!

~ by vinyabarion on June 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “MOON”

  1. There were only 2 parts in “Moon Crying” that I liked; the 2nd time Kuu says ‘Aitai’ and the bridge because of the music. I think she exhausted her ‘sincertiy’ in the music video. I feel the same for “That Ain’t Cool”, if they cut chorus repitions and added more verses it would make for a hot song for Fergie.

  2. Moon Crying sounded better after a few listens, but her old ballads ex you, Yume no Uta, were better. That Ain’t Cool, was so-so. I didn’t mind Once Again, but it sounded a little bland. But I loved Lady Go! it was also like With your smile and girls, very up-beat, and it was the best track.

  3. I actually liked this single. That Ain’t Cool got better after a few listens… but I really don’t like Once Again. I LOVED Lady Go!, and Moon Crying is probably one of her best ballads (in my opinion.) And glad to see you back! :]

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