August 9, 2006
Daily Singles Chart: #4
Weekly Singles Chart: #7
Monthly Singles Chart: #20
Sales Total: 40,943 (6 weeks)
Avex Trax
Lee Soo Man


Lyrics: Kenn Kato / Music & Arrangement: h-wonder

‘KEY OF HEART’, while having one of the best titles of BoA’s career, fails to deliver as much musically. It falls flat as a pop piece, flailing in the low pitch of the verses. Otherwise, the song carries the great chorus well but sounds entirely too much like her previous single, ‘七色の明日 ~brand new beat~‘. The same exuberantly happy feeling and just a general overkill of the major key signature brings this single to the crash that inevitably follows a sugar high.

Lyrics: 渡辺なつみ [Natsumi Watanabe] / Music & Arrangement: KENZIE

‘DOTCH’, while being only, ever so slightly different from ‘KEY OF HEART’, continues the rambunctiousness without the backing of a solidly memorable melody. Especially after crashing, generally a person will not feel in step with someone, or in this case, a song, that continues to bounce off the walls. DOTCH just becomes annoying, plain and simple.

KEY OF HEART (English Version)
Lyrics: Kenn Kato / Music & Arrangement: h-wonder

The English version of ‘KEY OF HEART’ suffers from a heavy accent and any real prowess with the great difference between Japanese and English lyricism. This song had an uphill battle to begin with; it is a rare circumstance that any foreign language song translates well into another language, while keeping the same lyrical feeling. The lyricist did an okay job, but it still sounds forced and awkward.


BoA’s fifth anniversary single is one candy bar too much for me. Bubblegum pop has its limits. BoA sang well, that much is certain, but the songwriting feels mostly stale and unrefreshing. Nothing unexpected from BoA, nothing gained for BoA. This single was far from a hit (despite having Natsumi Watanabe, one of Japan’s most celebrated pop lyricists), only managing to sell just over 40,000 copies; KEY OF HEART / DOTCH is her fourth worst selling single.



~ by vinyabarion on May 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “KEY OF HEART / DOTCH”

  1. I actually enjoyed KEY OF HEART very much back in the days when it was released. Now, I can’t stand it… :/

    Regarding the sales, KOH sold poorly because it had no TV promotion. BoA was injured at the time and she appeared once on a TV show but she didn’t even sing the song! 40,000 is “good” for a single that had barely no promotion, I guess…

  2. I think the song was good, not amazing but definetly good and BoA looked amazing in the pv but the single had three performances. Two we’re at concerts so they didn’t get much exposure and the other was in January of the next year

  3. ^yup, she performed it in January to promote her Album but she didn’t even dance to it… -__-

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