Friday Party

Friday Party
October 5, 2005
Weekly Singles Chart: #17
Sales Total: 17,331
Avex Trax


Friday Party
Lyrics: m.c.A.T. / Music & Arrangement: 樫冨昭夫 [Akio Togashi]

Although not as strong as their previous single, Friday Party continues in the same vein as BLOOD ON FIRE, showcasing the group’s fun spirit. The vocals are much more distinguishable in this piece, and I can actually tell when different people are singing. Some of the guys voices sound strained, while one of the girls, if not both, sound like they were rejected from the Hello! Project, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it definitely teeters there though. The song relies on a strong horn section (the musical direction is by Akio Togashi who has worked with Ayumi Hamasaki and Namie Amuro) to pull off the fun-in-the-sun atmosphere, and the lyrics can be cheesy, but hey, it is pop. The melody is give and take, never quite delivering and always almost getting catchy. Overall, not so bad, though not a step up stylistically or musically for the group.


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