February 15, 2006
Daily Albums Chart: #1
Weekly Albums Chart: #1
Monthly Albums Chart: #3
Yearly Albums Chart: #31
United World Chart: #2 (Hot Shot Debut)
Sales Total: 428,000+
Avex Trax


Silent Screamerz
Lyrics: jam / Music: 田中直 [Nao Tanaka]

The opening of OUTGROW is fast and furious. A clanging, banging beat, enough minor chords to make it interesting, and the prerequisite amount of synth in all of its varieties combine to form one of my favorite BoA songs. She doesn’t strain too badly and the song is very dance-friendly. The wind chimes interspersed throughout the piece also add an interesting effect. The lyrics are interesting, considering what an oxymoron being a silent screamer is. I especially like how it ends and transitions into ‘Do the Motion’ with that wooden wind chime knocking around.

Do the Motion
Lyrics: 渡辺なつみ [Natsumi Watanabe] / Music: 葛谷葉子 [Kuzutani Youko] / Arranagement: YANAGIMAN

Please see Do the Motion.

[Kimi no Tonari de]
[By Your Side]
Lyrics:  山本成美 [Narumi Yamamoto] / Music: 葛谷葉子 [Kuzutani Youko] / Arrangement: 松原憲 [Ken Matsubara]

Please see Do the Motion.

OUTGROW ~Ready Butterfly~
Lyrics: Kenn Kato / Music: 田中直 [Nao Tanaka]

The next non-single track is a raging minor romp with lightning-fast lyrics and all the synth you could ever want. It is by far the most electrifying song on the album, despite attempting valiantly to channel Britney Spears. Of course, BoA sounds much better, but she does borrow a more airy sound during this song. All of the minor intervals, chords, and scales really make this song groove far harder than it would have otherwise. The melody is very fast and the violins zip in and out throughout. There is, of course, and ungodly amount of synth but it’s okay, it’s still the best song on the album.

make a secret
Lyrics:  山本成美 [Narumi Yamamoto]/ Music & Arrangement: 浅田雅明 [Masaaki Asada]

Please see make a secret.

Lyrics: BoA, 渡辺なつみ [Natsumi Watanabe] / Music & Arrangement: 原一博 [Kazuhiro Hara]

Please see Everlasting.

Lyrics: BoA, 渡辺なつみ [Watanabe Natsumi] / Music: 坂詰美紗子 [Misako Sakazume]

Please see make a secret.

Cosmic Eyes
Lyrics: MIZUE / Music: AKIRA

An interesting open, comprising of a strange, off-beat rhythm and lots of whistling synth flourishes has my ears tuned at once. This weird rhythm never stops, driving the song forward through staccato verses and a slightly more fluid melody that uses a lot of question words. I couldn’t quite discern what she was saying, I thought it might have been nonsense, but it’s actually, “Who, what, who what?” I can’t grasp what she’s singing about. It does use some pretty harmony throughout and the melody line is very pretty when it decides to shine during the chorus.

Lyrics: 渡辺なつみ [Natsumi Watanabe] / Composition: 原一博 [Kazuhiro Hara]

Please see 抱きしめる.

Love is Just What You Can’t See
Lyrics: 園田凌士 [Ryoji Sonoda] / Music: 松原憲 [Ken Matsubara]

A R&B vibe grinds through this track. It sounds like any track from Utada Hikaru’s debut album First Love. It has a 90s sound with a tinny sound, old school synthesizer bumps, and a looping piano. The vocals are no so great, sadly. BoA sounds like she’s trying entirely too hard to sound R&B, which is something I never thought she had a problem with before this. During the pre-chorus she sounds like she’s about to crack and the chorus’s falsetto sounds crappy, but she covers it up well. But shouldn’t they have fixed that in-studio?

Stay My Gold
Lyrics: MIZUE / Music 渡辺美樹 [Miki Watanabe]

Chimes introduce us the fifth non-single track on OUTGROW. It has a early 00s sounds surprising good. BoA low notes are resonant and pretty and her high notes sound much better than they did on the last track. Some well-placed harmonies add drama and chorus is soaring and memorable. Drawback? She uses a Namie Amuro-style gospel backup choir, which doesn’t sound good with Asian singers. Sorry, Namie and BoA and Hikki and Kuu. Just don’t, okay?

Lyrics: Colin Campsie, 山本成美 [Narumi Yamamoto] / Music: Dieter Bohlen

Please see Everlasting.

With U
Lyrics: BoA / Music: 小森田実 [Minoru Komorita] / Arrangement: 田中直 [Nao Tanaka]

Please see Do the Motion.

First Snow
Lyrics: BoA / Music: 原田拓也 [Takuya Harada], JUNKOO

This song brings to mind what 1000の言葉 (the theme for FFX2) would have sounded like it BoA had been asked to sing it. Snapping and a plucky instrument underscore beautiful violins and BoA’s voice, which sounds better than it has on the entire album. Her high notes sound much more natural and she even throws us some good ad. lib.-ing.


In the end, this album is good. BoA’s voice doesn’t sound as good as will in her next two albums, okay, I’ll be honest, it sounds rough here. I can’t deny that. There are some shining moments but they are too few and far between. But that doesn’t make a bad album. BoA’s put out some good work, even wrote some of the lyrics herself. It’s a solid record, even if there are only five new songs.



~ by vinyabarion on April 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “OUTGROW”

  1. This was a good album lol i got the CD+DVD version and it’s really good but the amount of b-sides that we’re included was kind of annoying. The Photo Booklet is also beautiful. Your thoughts on First Snow we’re interesting too~ I think BoA could’ve done a much better job on 1000 no kotoba than Koda Kumi… Kuu chan kinda sucked at ballads back then lol

  2. My favorite BoA album so far along with LOVE & HONESTY. The title song is a masterpiece IMO.

  3. My fave album is the same with karimu’s, i love outgrow so much, i hope she will release sumthing like outgrow rb once again ,

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