Do the Motion

Do the Motion
Do the Motion
March 30, 2005
Daily Singles Chart: #1
Weekly Singles Chart: #1
Yearly Singles Chart: #58
Sales Total: 169,542 (12 weeks)
Avex Trax


Do the Motion
Lyrics: 渡辺なつみ [Natsumi Watanabe] / Music: 葛谷葉子 [Kuzutani Youko] / Arranagement: YANAGIMAN

Updated jazz (a.k.a. lots of synth) adds the punch in this, BoA’s first and only #1 single. I don’t know, for me, I think the song isn’t really that amazing. It has a simple, yet effective melody and a pretty arrangement, but it’s no where near genius. I wasn’t immediately drawn to this song. On the other hand, I was drawn immediately to the two B-sides which prove to be much more interesting.

With U
Lyrics: BoA / Music: 小森田実 [Minoru Komorita] / Arrangement: 田中直 [Nao Tanaka]

A 60s sound pervades this slightly poppish tune which BoA wrote the lyrics for. I love all the synth drops and constantly tinking, swishing background. The melody isn’t very cute and pretty. A flute adds a special kawaii-ness to the song, and BoA sounds very good. The song is just very good, period.

[Kimi no Tonari de]
[By Your Side]
Lyrics:  山本成美 [Narumi Yamamoto] / Music: 葛谷葉子 [Kuzutani Youko] / Arrangement: 松原憲 [Ken Matsubara]

First things first, I highly recommend heading over to YouTube and watching the live performance here. She’s performs it extraordinarily. This is my favorite song on this single by far. I love how simple it is and how much emotion that melody left for the artist to add. And BoA adds it with expertise. It’s just a beautiful ballad. I wish she had released this as a lead single. It would have been much better than make a secret.


While I don’t believe that this is BoA best single, nor even is it in my top ten, especially not the titular track, I do find it rather enjoyable. It’s cutesy and fun and pretty, good things all around. ‘Kimi no Tonari de’ should have been the lead track, in my opinion. :P


Close Up

~ by vinyabarion on April 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Do the Motion”

  1. Oh you recommended the BoA the LIVE performance. Have you watched the Moon & Sunrise performance. It is LOVE! <3

    Anyway onto the single lol I agree that Do The Motion wasn’t the best song on the single and really she has better A-sides that should have been #1’s in comparison i.e. Winter Love (damn WaT for beating her by a tiny amount but she outsold them anyway)

    With U is a nice summery track but not like Key Of Heart. It’s much more stylish and uses her voice better imo.

    Kimi no Tonari de is one word… beautiful

  2. Those damn boy bands ruin everything… lol

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  4. […] working with acclaimed lyricist, Natsumi Watanabe, BoA releases her most successful single since Do the Motion. It sold more than 七色の明日 ~brand new beat~ and double of KEY OF HEART / DOTCH. The title […]

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