make a secret

make a secret
August 31, 2005
Daily Singles Chart: #4
Weekly Singles Chart: #5
Yearly Singles Chart: #171
Sales Total: 54,453 (5 weeks)
Avex Trax


make a secret
Lyrics:  山本成美 [Narumi Yamamoto]/ Music & Arrangement: 葛谷葉子 [Masaaki Asada]

‘make a secret”s biggest problem is redundancy. The 80s vibe is overused, the violin stricking becomes too staccato and does nothing to break up the same sampled funk guitar elements, plus the chorus is repeated too many times. There are just hardly any good merits about this song other than BoA’s vocals and a cool melody, which, again, becomes too much after a good two listens. This was a sad song, overall.

Lyrics: BoA, 渡辺なつみ [Watanabe Natsumi] / Music: 坂詰美紗子 [Misako Sakazume]

We have the famous lyricist join BoA for this B-side, which was more of an A-side than ‘make a secret’, but sadly, that doesn’t say much. It’s calm, sweet, and a bit boring. It uses a bending synthesizer and a dripping sound to add ambience to BoA’s vocals, which sound less brilliant than usual. **shakes head and shrugs**


Overall, I’m a little bit upset about the quality of this single. After her last single, her fans were expecting something so amazing, but they were given coal. I just can’t explain this single except to say that maybe she was tired, but that’s no excuse. One word for this single: whatev…


~ by vinyabarion on April 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “make a secret”

  1. I must be one of three human beings on earth who absolutely loves Make a Secret.. I seriously don’t get all the hate over it, it does what it does and it does it well.

    LONG TIME NO SEE on the other hand was kind of boring >_<

  2. lol… that’s basically the exact opposite of my opinion (though I do like ‘make a secret’ I just don’t think it’s up to snuff with her previous work), and I kinda like ‘LONG TIME NO SEE’…

  3. I really liked Make A Secret and BoA looks absolutely gorgeous in the pv. Long time no see was nice and sweet, BoA sounded good and the lyrics were good too

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