January 18, 2006
Daily Singles Chart: #3
Weekly Singles Chart: #4
Yearly Singles Chart: #128
Sales Total: 74,744 (9 weeks)
Avex Trax


Lyrics: BoA, 渡辺なつみ [Natsumi Watanabe] / Music & Arrangement: 原一博 [Kazuhiro Hara]

‘Everlasting’ is a timeless song, or, at least, it likes to pretend it is. The chimes and abundant synth already date the song. It is no doubt a beautiful peice of music and BoA sounds amazing performing it. Her powerful vocals no doubt make the song. The melody is very fluid and soaring while the instrumental is potent and well-arranged. The man who arranged this track is very well-known. He’s worked with many of JPop most prestigous names including Ayumi Hamasaki [Startin’, glitter], Koda Kumi [Chase, real Emotion], Yuna Ito [I’m Here], and especially BoA, penning her huge hits ‘Valenti’, ‘DOUBLE‘, ‘抱きしめる,’ and, most recently, ‘Sweet Impact‘. The addition of ‘Sweet Impact’ gives his performance with BoA a bit of a hit and miss quality; but, ‘Everlasting’ is a great ballad. Also, the co-lyricist has worked with many artist including Namie Amuro [ALL FOR YOU].

Lyrics: Colin Campsie, 山本成美 [Narumi Yamamoto] / Music: Dieter Bohlen

This B-side is a seamless addition to this album. It uses two guitars to strum on opposite ears and lots of synth and a flowing melody. The chorus is especially pretty and has an old-timey sound. It’s very enjoyable. Narumi Yamamoto is an accomplished lyricist [Yuna Ito’s ‘Truth‘], but the other lyricist and the composer seem to have only worked on this song. I can find their names on no other singles. The song is good though.

Everlasting (Classical Version)

Definitely worth a listen. Its uses a stunningly gorgeous string arrangement complete with velvety bass and soft violins. Along with this is a basic piano score, mostly playing chords. The song sounds much softer, more feminine. Listened back to back, the classical version makes the original sound crude, but more dramatic.


This song completes a lovely single from BoA. As much as I liked 抱きしめる, it was a flop, and Everlasting gave BoA the momentum that OUTGROW needed to be a success. Also, I absolutely love the shorts she’s wearing on cover. Where did those go? They look really cool.



~ by vinyabarion on April 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Everlasting”

  1. Please tell me this means you’ll be reviewing OUTGROW XD.

    Everlasting is really pretty, but I actually prefer the b-side for it’s subtle R n B quality

  2. That’s exactly what this means… lol :D

  3. I love both songs. Everlasting has really touching lyrics and powerful vocals while Soundscape is kind of like classic BoA only more mature

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