Mirrorcle World

[Ayumi Hamasaki]
Mirrorcle World
April 8, 2008
Daily Singles Chart: #1
Weekly Singles Chart: #1
Hot 100: #2
Hot Singles Sales: #2
Sales Total: 145,576 (1 week)
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Mirrorcle World
Lyrics: 浜崎あゆみ [Hamasaki Ayumi] / Music & Arrangement: 中野雄太 [Nakano Yuta]

Trilling, European violins open this extended version of ‘Mirror’, the opening track from Hamasaki’s ninth study album, GUILTY. You can see there for a more complete review of it’s instrumental qualities. I, personally, loved this track on the album and was really surprised to see her do something with it. Lucky for us she did, as this extended version kicks the old one’s bum. The roaring guitars and crazyily haphazard arranagement going on for an extra four minutes just makes this song so much better! In all seriousness, I think it’s her best single track since ‘glitter’. I love the added violins and stunning European video. Overall, if I wasn’t a fan before (which I wasn’t), I am now (surprise, surprise). If her future releases are this good, stop the bandwagon, ’cause I’m gettin’ on.

Lyrics: 浜崎あゆみ [Hamasaki Ayumi] / Music: 湯汲哲也 [Tetsuya Yukumi] / Arrangement: 中野雄太 [Nakano Yuta]

‘Life’ is no where near the excitement level, or quality level that ‘Mirrorcle World’ is. It suffers greatly from a boring melody and a lack of real soul. Not a great B-side for this single. Something on the order of grandness was called for and she delivered a sub-par pop/rock track.

Depend on You
(10th Anniversary Version)
Lyrics: 浜崎あゆみ [Hamasaki Ayumi] / Music: 菊池一仁 [Kazuhito Kikuchi] / Arrangement: CMJK

I like this track much more than ‘Life’. She could have left it off the single entirely and just had this song. It’s a fun, up-beat pop/rock number that deserves to be there. The melody is fun and the rockier elements fit the feel of the single.

(10th Anniversary Version)
Lyrics: 浜崎あゆみ [Hamasaki Ayumi] / Music: Yasuhiko Hoshino / Arrangement: HΛL

This song runs the same gambit as ‘Life’. A bit lifeless and drab compared to the other tracks. Not much to say about this track, it’s has a nice melody, though. I’ll give it that.



I am not counting the 10th Anniversary tracks against this single. It’s an awesome title track that excedes expectations. The B-side it is alright. Nothing terribly exciting, but we can say with certainty that it isn’t bad. As much as I hate to tell you all this, she did sell more than Namie Amuro in her first week, but considering 60s 70s 80s charted above it this week, I won’t hate Ayumi for it. I think 60s 70s 80s will still beat Mirrorcle World on the yearly charts. 

~ by vinyabarion on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mirrorcle World”

  1. I honestly disagree with your opinions on this single by Ayumi. I personally thought this was one of her worst singles out there – it was 100% a #1 hit because it was to celebrate her anniversary (or whatever). I liked her older songs and I just thought Ayumi was getting a bit side-tracked with her recent work. She seems to be trying a bit too hard to westernize or Europeanize her music. For some Japanese singers, they make it looks smooth and sounds great; Ayumi just isn’t one of them.

    I agree with your opinions on Namie Amuro’s 60s 70s 80s single though. Namie is one of those Japanese artist who can take on the Western/European challenge and still make it sound great.

  2. About the only direction change I’ve seen in her music was a more rock sound. Other than that, she sounds the same. I appreciate your opinion though. What site are you from? I would love for my e-mail address to in in amuro.net. lol…

  3. […] the albums Secret and GUILTY. Finally, my like for her reached an all time high at the release of Mirrorcle World which made my Top 10 singles of 2008. Her next single, GREEN / Days was mediocre and not really […]

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