[Namie Amuro]
October 4, 2000
Weekly Singles Chart: #2
Monthly Singles Chart: #19 (November 2000)
Sales Total: 216,960
Lyrics, Music, Arrangement, and Production by: 小室哲哉 [Tetsuya Komuro]
Avex Trax Label



Dissonant chimes cascade as an introduction to the electric guitar which comes in with a heavy beat. It reeks of Tetsuya Komuro’s work. It acts like ‘How to be a Girl’ but conveys something much less inspiring. The harmonies are ugly and the melody is very one-note. Vocally, Namie sounds dead and very nasal, closed off even. Her ad. lib.‘s are very messy and unorganized along with the song itself being borderline disgusting. I am not a big fan of this song for all of those reasons and mostly because it sounds like every song Testuya Komuro gave her. I’m so happy that she changed genres. The lyrics talk about her wanting to see someones smile again after they’ve broken up.


This song proves to be much better than the title track with a cool beat, more emotion, and less bad songwriting. The lyrics are very interesting and give a look into the a sad, depressed teenager in modern Japan looking for love and friends in the fast-paced city life. The track is very digital and uses lots of synthesizer and a heavy, psuedo-modern drum beat. It has parts that fit directly into the stereotype of 90s dance pop, but mostly the song feels new and cool. It’s a good B-side.


Overall, the single was okay. I don’t really like ‘PLEASE SMILE AGAIN’ and ‘CROSS OVER’ is better, but not really by much. Let me reiterate that I am really happy that she left TK. Also, I think she looks fat and ugly in the cover art and that really pisses me off because she is the exact opposite of both of those adjectives. Bad stylists, bad…



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  1. Miyavi….

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