Wow / All I See

Kylie Minogue
February 16, 2008
Label: Parlophone / Capitol
Album: X
Dance Radio Airplay: #19
Label: Parlophone / Capitol

‘Wow’ is a wonderful twist on European electronica. It hints at what could be an amazing remix and has a sparkling hook and cool vocal effects. The track incorporates an understated, booming bass, a quickly strumming guitar, and enough synth to categorize it as electric. The lyrics are very standard, nothing entirely special other than a catchy melody. The music video looks too much like Namie Amuro’s ‘WHAT A FEELING’… right down to the 80s-esque neon-lit walls and dancing robots.


Kylie Minogue
All I See
ft. MIMS
March 18, 2008
Album: X
Label: Parlophone / Capitol

Cashing in on the American R&B circuit, ‘All I See’ sounds like the version of <insert Ne-yo song> that he decided needed to be tweeked but never got around to. It’s rather boring and lacks any sparkle. If anything, ‘Wow’ would have been a much better song, but I see why she chose this song as her lead single from her new album X. It sounds so American. That’s probably why I don’t like it. A muffled, undecorated beat begins the song and MIMS enters with a verse that is less than amazing, channeling Jay-Z. Soft synthetic keyboard and a brushing rhythm close off the instrumental. Kylie Minogue’s voice is soft, sweet, and vapid. The entire song has been done before and done much better.



~ by vinyabarion on April 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wow / All I See”

  1. Patrick officially gains +100000 cool points for reviewing Kylie Minogue. XD

    Wow sounds really great, until you get to that last part in the chorus with the “WOWOWOWOW!” which drives me up the wall.

    I thinkI prefer “In My Arms”

  2. I love that WOWOWOWOWOWOW part!

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