Love Paradox

Leah Dizon
[リア ディゾン]
Love Paradox
March 26, 2008
Daily Singles Chart: #9
Weekly Singles Chart: #15
Hot Singles Sales: #18
Sales: 6,902 (1 week)
Label: Victor Entertainment

Produced: BNA Production, Phrased Differently Music


Leah Dizon? I listened to her first single and was less than impressed. She’s a hit-and-miss artist. She’s missed every time except this one. Just sayin’… She started out as a gravure model (basically soft porn pictures) and progressed to the rank of pop artist, barely a step up, but a new rank all the same. She’s released four singles and an album to a certain degree of success. This release was met with little commercial success but the songs are pretty darn good for her.


Love Paradox
Lyrics: Leah Dizon, Arata Mika, Shirai Yuhki / Music: Philippe-Marc Anquetil, Christopher Lee-Joe, Darren Monson, Thomas Volmer Jensen

‘Love Paradox’ scrambles up the synth, heavy bass and clapping beat. A good club track with a nice melody and intelligible English phrases. The vocals are a bit emotionless, but emotion isn’t exactly a required ingredient in dance. She pulls off the breathy vocals with clarity and precision. It reeks of American hip-hop material and almost calls to mind what Brooke Hogan would sound like if she were any good. The bridge slows it down adding some chime-y sounds and then runs back into the same beat. Her ad. lib.’s are good but nothing spectacular at best.

Under the Same Sky
Lyrics: Leah Dizon, Arata Mika, Shirai Yuhki / Music: Nawata Hisashi, Miyamoto Emi

This song has a lot of airy synthesizer and a good bit of it on her voice, giving it a floating, even more breathy sound. It’s like a cheap version of Utada Hikaru’s ‘光’. Some light acoustic guitar glimmers in every so often, but the song really shines at the chorus. It’s a beautiful peice of composition and a nice B-side, but nothing really amazing. She’s a pop star and so I have to use every ounce of my inner strength to not like it.


Like most pop music, it’s vapid and fleeting. Unfortunately, I really like that. Can’t explain myself, so don’t ask. As a pop single, this is wonderful. In the grand scheme of music, no one will remember this song in two months. If it lasts that long.



Interestingly, she bought the title track from Phrased Differently, the same music store that sold Koda Kumi ‘Run for Your Life’.


~ by vinyabarion on April 6, 2008.

One Response to “Love Paradox”

  1. Love Paradox was actually a pretty hot track…. well… for Leah Dizon.

    I keep hoping she’ll improve, and perhaps, just maybe, this single is a step in the right direction.

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