ayu-mi-x 6 -GOLD-

[Ayumi Hamasaki]
ayu-mi-x 6 -GOLD-
March 26, 2008
Daily Album Chart: #4
Producer: Max Matsuura
Label: Avex Trax


Stunning art direction, big name DJs, and her own prestigious name. What more could a remix album offer? Nothing else actually… except a stand out track. I find it hard to find an actual dance remix. This is a remix album, I expect it to get my feet a dancin’… just sayin’… Not to mention, exactly how hard is it to remix a woman who basically remixes herself with that unearthly vibrato?

About the closest tracks to a Five Star Rating are the following:

Beautiful Fighters x MSTRKRFT

Startin’ x SHINICHI OSAWA (from Namie Amuro’s ‘WHAT A FEELING’)

The best track on the album, you ask…
ourselves x COLDCUT (a jaunty remix that uses some entrancing ingredients to bumble creatively to the top of the heap)

The last track, HAPPY ENDING x MAD PROFESSOR is awkward at best. It’s just kinda… out there, all by its lonesome… windy sound effects… very eerie… just strange in general… 


Sadly, the rest aren’t worth mentioning. I say download the ones you like… not really worth buying unless you are a die-hard fan…



~ by vinyabarion on April 1, 2008.

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