60s 70s 80s

[Namie Amuro]
60s 70s 80s
March 12, 2008
Daily Singles Chart: #1
Weekly Singles Chart: #1
Hot 100: #2 (NEW LOOK)
Hot 100 Airplay: #14 (NEW LOOK) / #19 (WHAT A FEELING)
Hot Singles Sales: #1
Sales: 152,881
Label: avex trax
Produced by: Shinji Hayashi, Takashi Araki, Hajime Taniguchi, Junichi Tsuchiya
Executive Producer: Masato “Max” Matsuura


(michico, T.Kura)
Sample: Baby Love (1964) (Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland)

If you ever wondered whether or not Namie could get more girlish than 2004’s GIRL TALK the answer is that she can. NEW LOOK quick steps onto the scene with a liberal dose of supaa kawaii and enough soul to make it a viable Hip-Pop track. The truth is that I love it and find it fun and exciting. Very digitized remixing of The Supreme’s 1964 smash-hit ‘Baby Love’ add backup to Namie’s moving lyrics and even Namie pulls off some very stunning ad. lib. I am so proud of her. The song is pressurized sugar, spice, and everything nice.

(michico, MURA)
Sample: Rock Steady (1971) (Aretha Franklin)

Switching gears, we fall into the early 70s inspired ‘ROCK STEADY’ where we find Namie doing a wonderful job of covering the uncoverable. Aretha Franklin has been the Queen of Soul for many years and now she gets to meet the Queen of Hip-Pop… lucky, because no one could have pulled this off like Ms. Amuro did. Soul and spunk pours from its very booming bass line and heavy use of a cool mixed-up sound. The second verse has a hurried feel, but I like it because it breaks up this song as it can become a bit repetitive as it goes along. Namie almost sounds soulful… something she’s been trying to do for awhile now… it’s only draw back is that it sounds and acts like a ‘FUNKY TOWN’ or ‘CSCEIM’… Instrumentally, ‘ROCK STEADY’ uses sampled horns from the original track with a rattling beat and wooden block (???)…

(michico, Shinichi Osawa)
Sample: Flashdance… What a Feeling (1983) (Keith Forsey, Irene Cara, Giorgio Moroder)

OMG! This is the song… you hear me? The song… Nothing will ever beat this song, I swear…
A beat to rival any American Hip-Hop release, ‘WHAT A FEELING’ dances in with a fury to claim its first verse. A self-proclamation of being the “Dancing Queen”… I agree Namie… (watch the music video… she’s never looked better). It’s heavy electronica at it’s best and a sampled hook to pull it all together. “What a feeling” ricochets off the ceiling of the number filling one’s ears with a balance that refutes gravity. While the song is super busy, it retains its roots. Interestingly, a verse’s melody is never repeated. The second verse is completely different from the first and the bridge just has this amazing quality that made me listen to that part on repeat for a few listens. The song personifies the 80s to a pitch-perfect degree while maintaining a glistening representation of today.


Now, I may be a bit biased about this single, mostly because I actually bought it (I got a huge poster that is hanging on my bedroom wall at this very moment), but it her best release since WANT ME, WANT ME. After so long, this single was #1. Awkwardly, it was in its second week and even more so because it looks like it will be #1 again this week. She’s back!!!


‘NEW LOOK’ debuted at #53, 4 weeks before its physical release. Over the next four weeks it climbed to #33 where is has remained for two weeks before jumping to #23 on its release date. The next week it jumped to #3, making ‘NEW LOOK’ Namie Amuro’s 8th Top 10 single on the charts. This week, it fell to #12. ‘ROCK STEADY’ and ‘WHAT A FEELING’ both debuted the week the single was released. ‘ROCK STEADY’ has stayed in the thirties for the three weeks it’s been on the charts while ‘WHAT A FEELING’ has climbed slowly from it’s debut at #63 to #36 this week.


P.S. This is the poster that came with the single…


~ by vinyabarion on March 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “60s 70s 80s”

  1. Namie Amuro is made of win.

    Period. XD

    Honestly though, this is the best overall single I’ve heard in a long time.

  2. how come you didn’t give a percentage and a grade this time? is it because it’s that good? haha (i loveee what a feeling!)

  3. Basically… it’s like 112%… it’s in her top 5 singles since her debut… seriously…

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  6. […] After watching the PV, I realized that the chorus is all the song is. The verses are given blank, boring, unimaginative melodies and backgrounds. The bridge consists of Namie and DOUBLE saying “BLACK DIAMOND” a lot with the same voice rearranger found on ‘WHAT A FEELING’. […]

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