4 Minutes

4 Minutes
Madonna & Justin Timberlake
4 Minutes
March 17, 2008
Hard Candy
Written by: Madonna, Nate “Danja” Hills, Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley, Justin Timberlake
Warner Bros. Music

Timbaland opens the track with a low horn buzzing down below and slowly adds a beat and synth. As the horn walks down the scale the song suddenly busts from the speakers with an enveloping mix of brass and heavy, booming beats and distinctly minor scale used in both the instrumentals and the chorus. The song leaps at you with enough energy to get anyone to bounce, even you Ray. Madonna’s trademarked and unmistakable vocals almost feel a bit lost but quickly find their place and work wonderfully with the track. Unlike Justin Timberlake’s which are cool and confident throughout. The piece has a decidedly Timbaland signature. A ticking clock can be heard for most of the track along with sampled, harmonized vocals. A short more sparsely arranged breakdown and it closes with Madonna imitating a clock. A hit if I ever heard one.


~ by vinyabarion on March 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “4 Minutes”

  1. got ur url from highway chance blog.

    i’m not a fan of namie amuro but i like her songs. it’s so cool! i think i’m going to get one of her albums soon.

    oh didn’t get to hear the latest madonna song with justin timberlake yet. hopefully local radio stations will play it soon.

    nice meeting u by the way!

  2. LOVE this song.

  3. I actually liked this song to my surprise, now if only I could find a link.

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