Namie Amuro, I WILL
[Namie Amuro]
February 14, 2002
Weekly Singles Chart: #7
Sales Total: 95,120
Label: avex trax


Lyrics: 安室奈美恵 [Amuro Namie]
Music and Arrangement: 葉山拓亮 [Hiroaki Hayama of TOURBILLION]  

Slightly obnoxious keyboarding introduces [I WILL], a stunningly insipid ballad. Namie’s characteristic voice only saves this floundering song so much. The melody isn’t really anything special. The arrangement has its attributes, such as a beautifully dilapidated string arrangement. In other words, I’ve heard it before. Actually, I’ve heard this ballad numerous times and find nothing truly unique about it and I find it lacks pika pika. The ending shows exactly how far Namie Amuro has come since this, her ad. lib.-ing is a pitchy at best. The lyrics are sweet, but a bit cliché; speaking about being in love and making it through life.


Tokio Hot 100

I WILL debuted at #93 the week it was physically released. It then jumped fifty-three placed to #40. By the next week it had fallen twenty spots to #60 and then off the chart completely by the second week of March 2002.


About the only truly interesting thing about this single is that it features an orchestral arrangement. As a huge fan, I really hope that she releases more of this type of music. I just think it would be so cool to hear [HIDE & SEEK] or [WANT ME, WANT ME] played by a full orchestra. The two other versions entitled [I WILL in L.A.] and [I WILL with piano] just add what one would expect them to add: a vaguely R&B rhythm, a gospel back-up choir and a grand piano arrangement, respectively. Not my favorite single from her. In fact, as I work my way back in time with her releases, a reader may find I am entering a phase of Namie I am not keen on, at all.



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