(Shimizu Shota)
February 20, 2008
Daily Sales Peak: #3
Weekly Sales Peak: #5
Sales: 56,559 (Two Weeks)
Hot 100: #3
Hot 100 Airplay: #2
Hot Singles Sales: #4
Label: Sony Music Japan



This opening track starts slowly with sparse piano, up on the upper end of its range, and some synth, guitar, and finally some violin. With a gentle cymbal we enter the chorus. The chorus is very nice and Shota-san’s voice is heaven. It’s a pure tenor sound with a lovely range and really nice high notes. The song takes on more R&B as it goes along and ends up sounding like Rhythm & Pop. I truly enjoy his voice, highly recommended. The verses are pretty rapid-fire with lyricism and carry the melody unusually well. His falsetto sounds extremely feminine, so be warned. I thought he had an un-credited female on this track for a few moments until he came down, but it is exceptionally beautiful. He does some light ad. lib. as the track comes to a close. A great debut song!


This track is fun, in a weird way. While the chorus again shows off Shota’s vocals, the rapper is spot on with his performance. The entire song has a Caribbean feel and makes you sway lazily. His runs during BOY-KEN’s verses are super cool and I just really like his voice. Shota only sings the first and last verse and BOY-KEN does the rest, but he sings the entire chorus. The beat is airy with a light Jamaican twist: plenty of synth, keyboard, and some well-placed guitar. Good B-side…

Miss You

If ‘HOME’ was Rhythm & Pop, this song is more R&B. In the same vein as many boy band ballads, Shota vocalizes over a piano section, synth, chimes, and a guitar. It’s a pretty song with a nice chorus, but I don’t find it as engaging as the two previous pieces. The chorus is less memorable, for sure, while the verses are very blah, with less emphasis. The bridge, on the other hand, proves to be very powerful and pulls the song from the dregs of mediocrity. The intensity level from then on is much better.



Entering the charts at #72, two weeks before its physical release. ‘HOME’ moved quickly up the charts to peak at #12 last week. This week it has fallen to #21.


What a debut! HOME was very good. Shota sounds promising and I wish him all the best. Quite a voice and if the music maintains this level, he might have a shot. Congratulations!



~ by vinyabarion on March 10, 2008.

One Response to “HOME”

  1. i like his
    really amazing voice
    such a long time din listen to a “comfortable” song

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