February 27, 2008
Oricon Peak: #1
Debut Sales: 110,653
United World Chart: #6
Billboard Japan: #1
Label: avex trax
Producer: Lee Soo Man


Echoing, buzzing synth introduces this audience to the first track on THE FACE. ‘AGGRESSIVE’ opens like an Enya song, and I was really excited for a few moments that she might be experimenting a little bit, but I was disappointed. While this song is a fun dance song, it misses a good bit of soul and energy. The music itself is very promising. It is heavily techno inspired with pounding beats and multiple minor progressions. Sampled violins play a small part, but add some interesting effects in the chorus.

Sweet Impact

Sweet Impact has been reviewed previously at its single review.

My Way, Your Way
ft. WISE

Soft guitars, synth, and a light beat open this collaboration. The chorus is very lyrical and beautiful. Understated keyboarding is used to compliment the melody. The rapping fits in nicely and adds new dimension to this recording. BoA also includes some pretty ad. lib. and runs throughout the piece.

be with you.

This song has been reviewed here.

ft. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA

This dance track has been reviewed here.

Girl In The Mirror

This is my favorite track on THE FACE. Crazy, modern beats and plenty of awesome synth backup a booming arrangement that hardly lets up. Vocally, BoA hits so very respectably high notes and the entire song is quite challenging, she is very successful in belting the chorus. The lyrics (those that I can understand) are really fun and really enforce the idea of the dance / club song.

Happy Birthday

Another excellent track on this album, ‘Happy Birthday’ is a charming up-tempo pop number with a memorable melody and a great vocal performance. The lyrics sound sweet and engaging, also.

Diamond Heart

For this song see the LOVE LETTER.




A segment of pop / rock opens this song and with a strange melody, ‘BRAVE’ prove to be one of the more experimental tracks on THE FACE. The chorus is slightly melancholy but strives to be hopeful. An electric guitar solo is the entirety of the bridge. It’s a lackluster vocal performance from BoA. It’s an enjoyable song and a good track for the mid-point on this disc.

(Gyappu ni Yara Re Ta!)

This track starts off with a jubilant bit of synthesizer and we get pulled into a sugary pop confection that establishes itself as the happiest song on the album. The melody follows a downward scale for most of the chorus and levels out during the verses. I enjoyed the small rapping parts and thought that was an excellent touch. The bridge is unentertaining and leaves much to be desired. The entire song acts as if they just threw it on to fill space… oh! This is filler! :D


In the same vein as ‘Girl In The Mirror’, ‘Style’ uses many elements to pull of a dance track, unlike the previous track, I’ve heard ‘Style’ before. It uses many of the same synth from a few JPop songs I’ve heard (for instance, Namie Amuro’s ‘Butterfly’) and is high class filler. It has a fun beat and chorus, but it doesn’t seem to be very important to the idea of the album. I found it at best, okay…

Smile again

This is one of my favorite BoA B-sides. You can find at LOSE YOUR MIND.

Beautiful Flowers

You can find this song at LOVE LETTER.

Best Friend

This song is too happy. It’s too sweet. It’s just too much. I’m not a huge fan of cliché music and this song takes the cake, and the icing, and the sprinkles. It’s a nice concept and I was looking forward to a touching song but was sadly disappointed. It starts off well enough. I just sounds like a reject track from .

Hey Boy, Hey Girl
ft. BoA

This song is pretty rad. It’s fun and cheerful and celebratory all at once. The rapping sounds really awesome and the back up BoA adds to so welcome and really makes the song. The chorus / melody is very attractive and I started humming it pretty fast. There is lots of synthesizer in this song and along with that always comes the electric keyboard. I thought this was a great track for the end of this album.


BoA released a good album. Nothing extraordinary and to me, that’s a real shame. With a voice like hers she has the potential to experiment and really pull off some amazing music. But, unfortunatly, she continues down the road of pop star, cut and paste JPop. It’s good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the same as before. Maybe her American debut will show us a new dimension. 



~ by vinyabarion on March 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “THE FACE”

  1. I’m just glad THE FACE is more danceable than Made In Twenty (20) was. To me, the lack of sufficient dance material was that album’s main weakness, so it’s refreshing to hear BoA put out a more upbeat album. I was totally digging the overabundance of synth and I agree with you that ‘Girl in the Mirror’ is the album’s best song. I hope she puts that same kind of edge into future releases.

    Glad you reviewed THE FACE… You get more cool points XD!

    Also, BoA composed most of ‘Girl in the Mirror’ herself =D

  2. I can’t believe I actually wasted time listening to this CD a few weeks ago. Don’t bother putting “Bad Drive” on there, it’s only the most decent thing she’s released in 2007.



  4. ^sorry, that was wrong XD

    THE FACE = Made In Twenty IMO. But OUTGROW and LOVE&HONESTY destroy them both :p

  5. Whoah! for me

  6. Out of the singles my fabourites were Love Letter and Lose Your Mind but out of the album tracks… Agressive, My Way Your Way and Best Friend THOUGH compared to other albums from her L&H is the best and apart from LTMH i think the rest are equally as good

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