HEART STATION / Stay Gold Cover
(Utada Hikaru)
February 20, 2008
Oricon Peak: #3
Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #2
Sales Total: 48,430 (First week only)
Label: EMI Music Japan


Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Utada Hikaru
Key of A Major

This song strikes me as ULTRA BLUE rehashed and smushed together. It’s really nothing I haven’t heard from her before. The strangest thing about that is that I hardly ever say something like that about Hikki because she is always doing something new. As for the melody, it’s very ethereal and bittersweet. She hits a beautiful C sharp in the chorus. Her vocals feel a little flighty, but they have since Be My Last. Her voice has different properties then it has ever had, she is such a chameleon of music. She has the potential to go down as one of the most prolific pop artists of our time. Lyrically, this song uses the a radio station frequency as a way of showing that when two hearts bind as deeply as two lovers, their hearts will be tuned into the same wavelength. It’s profound and heart-wrenching. Love can be cruel and stunning all at the same time.

Stay Gold
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Utada Hikaru
Key of C Major

A beautiful piano section loops itself around the harsh synthesizer and melancholy leanings of the melody. ‘Stay Gold’, even more so than ‘HEART STATION’, gives us a sense of loss and grieving. Vocally, Hikki’s voice has more strength, resolve. The melody uses only a handfull of notes, but uses them in different octaves. The effect is beautiful and she has really honed her skills as a musician. ‘Stay Gold’ is about telling the one you love to remain as beautiful and naive as you are right now, because so many things will change and you don’t want them to, too.


After Flavor of Life, I figured this single would sell just as well. Not so, but the music is still good. A found it more than reminiscent of any song on ULTRA BLUE, but refreshing all the same. An interesting balance has been struck with this single. I hope she can find it in herself to write a happy song next.



As for the radio airplay charts, ‘Stay Gold’ charted first on the TOKIO HOT 100 at #39 in mid-January. It then jumped into the Top 10 at #7 and then fell quickly down the charts until last week where it bottomed out at #82. This week, it rose to #72 with the release of the physical single. ‘HEART STATION’ first charted the last week of January at #40. It flew up the charts into the Top 10 the next week and then hit #1. It fell to #4 and then rose to #2 over the last two weeks and has finally hit #1 again this week.

HEART STATION / Stay Gold Promo

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