February 27, 2008
Oricon Peak: #3
Debut Sales: 81,730
Label: Sony Music Japan


Lyrics & Music: YUI

As with all YUI songs, a guitar plays center stage with this calm, soothing number. The guitar strums throughout the entire song changing between just a few chords. Light background vocals add definition to key parts in the melody. The chorus adds violins, slightly more aggressive drums with cymbals, along with a piano. The melody is low, especially for YUI, and unhurried. The chorus has more emotion and YUI performs it very well. The song is interesting, it describes YUI trying valiantly to be strong and loud but failing in the face of her sly boyfriend who makes her feel insecure. The hook is that she is used to seeing her face in the puddle that her tears make.

I wanna be…
Lyrics & Music: YUI

Two guitars pick and strum their way into the first verse. The verse speeds up towards its end and we enter the chorus at a light clip. The chorus familiar, sounding like a good bit of her work from FROM ME TO YOU. ‘I wanna be…’ has a good hook and I love that her music is acoustic (for the most part) and sounds almost live.


I’ve found in YUI’s music, that her most prevalent theme is humanity and describing situations that we all go through. Her voice may grate on occasion, but in the end I find I really enjoy her music. Now, sounds very fresh and new to me, but I am convinced that that is because she hasn’t released anything in close to six months. She has a set sound, that’s for sure. Eventually, don’t you think she’ll have to diversify?


Tokio Hot 100 first recorded ‘Namidairo’ at #88, three weeks before its physical release. It rose into the sixties for two weeks before slipping to #79 this week.



~ by vinyabarion on March 5, 2008.

One Response to “Namidairo”

  1. I do think the acoustic-sound makes her music sound new and different. However, her music just does not stick with me.

    I like how you add in all the music-technical things and actually analyze the song through its vocal and lyrical features. On some songs I may disagree with you like some of BoA’s songs, but I am sure you would have more evidence against me; you know more about the aesthetics of music. I only know if the song sounds nice or not while you focus more on bridges and chorus etc etc.

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