Kissing Me

Kissing Me
January 30, 2008
Oricon Peak: #11
Sales: 7,376
Label: EMI Music Japan


Kissing You

A deep, almost techno sound prevades the opening atmosphere but it isn’t long before we get full-blown electronica. This song is almost good. Very heavy harmony, extremely similar to the harmonies found in all of her songs and from what I can hear, they are trying to recreate the wonder that was ‘POSSESSION’, but they fall a soccor field away from it. It’s boring and misses a great hook. At the half-way point, I find it to be so repitious that I have no idea what has musically occured. It’s not amazing, that’s for sure. Suddenly, I get thrown a bridge that JYONGRI bearly pulls off. Her runs are out of control and I found them to be the same as ‘POSSESSION”s. I give this song a thumbs down.

You’re the One

More synth brings us into an even more boring song with a better hook. The melody is more creative and her voice gets annoying. This is a bad song, too. Her voice is so digitized that I find it hard to listen to. I really want to turn this off, you keep this in mind, readers, I’m suffering for you. It channels Namie Amuro and IMAJIN’s hit, ‘YOU ARE THE ONE’, but it fails to capture its fun. I can’t stand this. The last minute is random ad. lib. that sounds anything but good.


This single is bad, plain and simple. It has no magic, no spark, no good music. Don’t buy it, I can hardly recommend that you give it a try. I can hear the amount of vocoder on her voice and as an added bonus, her vibrato is chasing after Ayumi Hamasaki. Two thumbs down. It never ranked on the airplay charts.


~ by vinyabarion on March 4, 2008.

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