be with you.

BoA, be with you., cover
be with you.
February 20, 2008
Oricon Peak: #13
Sales So Far: 10,808
Label: avex trax


be with you.
Special: Key of C Major

First, some blatant self-promotion: I sang ‘be with you.’ on YouTube, so, you can go check it out if you type ‘Vinyabarion’ into the search bar there and I’ve done some other songs too.

About the song, gentle guitar picks up to a piano and then some snaps. ‘be with you.’ acts like every other ballad you’ve ever heard. I hardly have to explain that. It has a verse, a chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. Ta da! While, BoA does it wonderfully and the melody is very beautiful and memorable, this song is no stretch. BoA has the voice to try new things, take risks with her music, but I have to keep reminding myself that she’s a popstar. I guess Hikki’s the only one.

Special: Key of D Major

Some keyboarding and airy tinkling usher us into a slow verse. It doesn’t immediately grab your attention. Snaps enter after a few moments and it continues into mindlessness. All I can say is, “Eww…”. This song is about as interesting as a brick wall… whitewashed… The chorus is terribly uninventive and unmemorable. It’s so slow it feels like I’m waiting at a red light. Even BoA’s usually sparkling vocals feel strained and extra-ordinarily nasal. This is not a good song, seriously. No wonder this single performed so badly. Some extra this was.

be with you. (Spring Acoustic Version)

Without all the added strength of a sound board and editing, we have this lovely, sweet rendition of ‘be with you.’. Everything sounds clean and very simplified. The snaps were nixed along with any synthetic enhancements. I really enjoyed it. To summarize: it’s more relaxing.


What utter stupidy… Avex, what the hell? How are you going to release a sub-par single right before her studio album. Koda pulled it off because both songs on that single were great. It was worth buying, this one isn’t. We don’t want another crappy B-side. It didn’t even chart in the Top 10. That’s her first single to not chart there in seven years. SEVEN YEARS. Bad plan, Avex, bad plan…



This week, ‘be with you.’ entered the TOKIO HOT 100 at #90. I can only hope it does well.



~ by vinyabarion on March 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “be with you.”

  1. Why don’t you use Billboard HOT 100 instead of Tokyo HOT 100 charts? It’s better IMO.

    be with you. reached #8 it’s a good song, but nothing special :P

  2. I’ve started too. The problem is that I don’t have a complete list of the Top 100… if you know where one is, please tell me!


  3. I was dissapointed… a cover that gorgeous should go with a gorgeous song.

    But allas, not so.

    Oh well… I suppose it’s kind of the bland balladry that the Japanese seem to have an un-ending appetite for, so perhaps it was a good promotional choice after-all… Who knows =/

  4. you can find everything here:

    They have “HOT 100” & “HOT 100 Airplay” as well as Top Albums & Singles (physical copies)

  5. be with you. jumped to #2 on Airplay Charts O__o;

  6. be with you. charted at #6 on ORICON daily singles.

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