Yuna Ito, Truth
(Yuna Ito)
December 12, 2006
Oricon Peak: #10
Total Sales: 46,780
Label: STUDIO SEVEN Recordings
Parent Label: Sony Music Japan


Lyrics: Takubo Mami, Yamamoto Narumi / Composition: Goto Koji

A sweeping violin and piano section opens the first verse. An electric guitar begins to be picked by the end of it and then it crashes in with a live drum set and really adds a lot of chikara (power) to the chorus. It’s rather different from her other three ballad singles (ENDLESS STORY, Faith, and Precious) in that the melody is very different. Along those same lines, the violins and piano are a very loud similarity between them. The lyrics are sweet and she sings about how much she loves her sweetheart and what she would do for him. The hook is that her love is her truth, thus the title of the song. Her vocals are strong and emotive and she does an outstanding job.

Take Me Away
Lyrics: Emi K. Lynn / Composition: Kitano Masato

‘Take Me Away’ intros itself with electric guitar picking and the heavy use of a live drum set. There are lots of cymbal and cool synth flourishes throughout the choruses. This may be one of my all-time favorites from Yuna Ito. Her voice suits pop / rock very well. I was truly impressed with how well she executed this style. The song itself sounds very American and the chorus is very catchy and made me sing along almost instantly. If you will, listen carefully to the guitars in the background because they do some tremendous musical acrobatics in the background.

ENDLESS STORY -Little Big Bee Lovespell Remix-
Lyrics: Dawn Ann Thomas, ats

I found this super boring. It’s a basic House beat with some synth added and they don’t do much to Yuna Ito’s voice. Unless you are obsessed with ‘ENDLESS STORY’ you will find yourself asleep faster than she can sing, “If you haven’t changed your mind…”


As with Precious, Truth is one of the theme songs for the NANA franchise, specifically NANA II. This single feels very different from Precious so don’t judge it by its tie-ins. ‘Take Me Away’ in the highlight of the single and well-worth at least a sampling, if I could ever figure out how to do that. If anyone knows, I would love to know :D.

P.S. On a side note, this single did something interesting on the Oricon charts. It debuted with 15,000 in sales and was #17 but then, in its second week, it sold 10,000 copies and was #10. Isn’t that extraordinary?



TOKIO HOT 100 Analysis:
‘Truth’ was only on the TOKIO HOT 100 for three weeks. It debuted at #67 and then climbed to #19, giving Yuna Ito her second Top 20 hit. It then fell to #39 and then promptly fell off the charts before 2007.

Yuna Ito, Truth


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