Yuna Ito losin'
(Yuna Ito)
September 6, 2006
Oricon Peak: #19
Total Sales: 10,072
Label: STUDIO SEVEN Recordings
Parent Label: Sony Music Japan


Lyrics: H.U.B. / Music: SiZK, ViVi / Arrangement: SiZK 

Playing both sides of the head, your ears are bombarded with loud guitar chords and an excellent Rhythm & Pop beat. The unforgetable melody will have you humming by the second chorus as she speaks about how we’re losin’ everything precious to us and that we just need to notice and step up. The harmonics in the melodies are impressive and add a lot to a very sparse song. The song may be a little dizzying at time, but overall, a very strong release and thankfully not another ballad.

Stay for Love
Lyrics: Kobayashi Natsumi / Music: FLAT5th, Okamoto Yoshiaki

The B-side uses even more electronica sounds featuring bouncing electric beats and humming synth cutting above that rhythm. The chorus is high and really shows off Yuna-san’s range. It sounds like a track from maybe Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor. Very chic and modern.

losin’ -Simplicity Mix-

This remix of the title track keeps the beautiful melody and carries on the theme, adding a more futuristic twist. Using high-pitched synth, it spins a techno beat below all the noise. Space-y sounds pervade most of the song and I find the remix anything but simple. My favorite part is when her voice begins to be heavily distorted and cut in and out. It’s an awesome effect. 


I can’t figure out why this single didn’t do well. It’s really catchy and exciting and even the B-side was great. 10,000 copies is barely anything.



TOKIO HOT 100 Analysis:

Appearing on the charts at #93, a week after it’s debut on the Oricon, it rose thirty-nine places to #54 by its second week. It then fell to #75 and then to #92. By the third week of October, it had fallen off the charts.

Yuna Ito losin'

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