Urban Mermaid

(Yuna Ito)
Urban Mermaid
October 24, 2007
Oricon Peak: #10
Label: STUDIO SEVEN Recordings
Parent Label: Sony Music Japan


Urban Mermaid
Lyrics: Sutsuka Hiwatari / Music: Hayaka Tanaka / Arrangement: Masaaki Asada

A cheerful guitar picks up the verse which is very happy. The melody is sweet, but it doesn’t just border on saccrine, it lives next door and has weekly game nights. The pounding beat at the chorus doesn’t really help either. It was described as “a cheer-up tune to all women” and it delivers. The melody, despite it’s peppiness, is not catchy and lacks anything truly spectacular. Thumbs down.

Lyrics: YOKE・NUTS / Music: AKIRA

When I discovered that AKIRA had written the music, I was flabbergasted. They’re the ones that brought us Namie Amuro’s ALARM! What the hell happened? And did you expect lyrics to be great if it they were written by someone using that moniker? The melody is a tab bit catchier than ‘Urban Mermaid’ and that’s not saying anything. It’s slightly less sugary too, but… It’s just not good, people. Trust me. Don’t waste your time. No one can write a pop song with a harpsicord except Utada ex. ‘Tokyo Nights’.

Mahaloha -Gira Mundo “City Lights at Night” Remix-

Sadly, the remix to ‘Mahaloha’ is the highlight of the single. Using Latin American beats, her previous single comes to life all over again. Horns accent this tropical beat and give an odd but interesting harmonic to the melody. Steel drums come in in the chorus and just light it up. Perfect remix!


If ‘Urban Mermaid’ wasn’t cheesy enough for you, the utter drabness of ‘Colorful’ should considerably bore you out. Crazily enough, remix = amazing. To bad it doesn’t do much for the grade. It never charted on the TOKIO HOT 100.

The End.



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