伊藤由奈 with Micro of Def Tech
(Yuna Ito)
June 27, 2007
Oricon Peak: #5
Total Sales: 43,233
Label: STUDIO SEVEN Recordings
Parent Label: Sony Music Japan


Lyrics: Micro, Yuna Ito / Music: Micro, Yuna Ito, Shimoyama Ryohei / Arrangement: Micro
Special: Key of C Major

A very peaceful, uplifting song, ‘Mahaloha’ features a heavy beat and a duo of guitars. Yuna Ito and Micro both give great vocal performances and Yuna’s runs are top-notch especially at the end. Some of the verses are in English and give American listeners a sense of what they really want to convey about feeling free to love and to not take life too seriously. A very good song. Recommended.

For those of you who don’t know, Mahaloha is Hawai’ian for “Thank you, the ones we love”.

Shining On
Lyrics: Kei Noguchi / Music: Rui Momota

Piano and guitars open a song that unexpectedly hits us with a boom of sound. Violins, horns, and a booming beat help give the song a punch of style. It’s just as happy at ‘Mahaloha’ but different all the same. It’s one of her better B-sides. The melody is catchy and features many English phrases. Another uplifting message later we find ourselves knee-deep in the striking instrumental bridge which uses two gorgeous solos: guitar and horn. I like it, I do.

stuck on you [Reggaeton Rockers Kiss & Tell Remix]

Another tropical beat exudes from this track. Horns, a fast Jamaican arrangement (lots of tinking sounds, very Caribbean) and that great vocal performance. My favorite thing about this remix is that you can hear what she says to her friend better. I think that’s the cutest thing in the world. She sounds just like my best friend :D.


This single is very wonderful. All the songs fit well together and carry a congruent message of lightness in life. I love how they couldn’t pick a title for this song. I would have like ‘Doin’ Alright’ better than ‘Shining On’. The remix is awesome, too. A good buy if you want to get into Yuna’s newer releases.



TOKIO HOT 100 Analysis:

Charting four weeks before its physical release, ‘Mahaloha’ climbed to the lower thirties by it’s second week and hung in that area for the next two weeks before jumping into the twenties on its physical release. By its sixth week, it climaxed at #7 and then hung in the top ten for its seventh week before falling twenty-four places to #33. Over the next seven weeks it zig-zagged across the charts finally falling to #82 and disappearing by the second week of September with an astounding fourteen weeks on the charts.



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