EXILE & 倖田來未
(EXILE & Koda Kumi)
November 21, 2006
Oricon Peak: #2
Total Sales: 232,370
2006 Year-End Chart: #56 (184,338)
RIAJ: Platinum
Label: Rhythm Zone


Lyrics, Compostion, and Arrangement: Bro.KORN

With some very Final Fantasy-like synth we get handed an unexpected steel drum solo and then into a tropical duet between EXILE and Kuu. It’s a fun song with guitars, horns,  and a good beat. EXILE sounds like they strain a lot, but they sound good inspite of it. Koda does an excellent job as usual. All the harmonies are tight and perfectly in key (thanks, no doubt, to a vocoder.) Overall, I really enjoy this song and I like the tropical feel. Interesting that it was released in November though!


Overall, as I stated in the concluding sentences of the song review, I like it. Great melody.



Special TOKIO HOT 100 Performance Analysis:

Entering the charts at #52, four weeks before it’s release, ‘WON’T BE LONG’ spent four weeks taking two steps forward and one step back, slowly climbing the charts until it’s sixth week where it topped out at #13. It then tumbled nineteen spots to #32 and then freefell thirty-two spots to #64. It had a slight comeback in the ninth and tenth week, returning to even out in the forties and then promptly falling off the charts completely by January of 2007. Interestingly enough, both EXILE and Koda Kumi released singles that broke the top ten during the ten week run of ‘WON’T BE LONG’, namely EXILE’s #1 hit ‘EVERYTHING’ and Koda Kumi’s ‘CHERRY GIRL’.



~ by vinyabarion on February 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “WON’T BE LONG”

  1. Eh, this song was alright.

    Actually it was pretty well-done, but I guess I just don’t like Kumi songs with a tropical feel. (“Come With Me” as an example.)

    woah, I actually didn’t like one of the songs you reviewed!? How strange… O___o;;

  2. […] WON’T BE LONG […]

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