Candy Baby / Mermaid

(Kawabe Chieco)
Candy Baby / Mermaid
July 21, 2005
Label: Vap Music


Candy Baby
Lyrics: MARU / Composer: Murohime Shin / Arrangement: SPIN

High energy whispering and drumming rush into one of the happiest songs I’ve ever heard. The lyrics act like a machine gun loaded with sugar and honey. It’s bubblegum pop gone insane, and that’s really saying something. But the most interesting thing about this song is that it doesn’t get boring or annoying… I can’t explain it. I hum it all the time, I sing along. The melody is so insanely catchy and even the myriad of “YEAH!” and “HEY!” don’t become vexing… I am so uplifted after this song. It is the paramount of what bubblegum pop should be. Bravo!

Lyrics: Kawabe Chieco / Composer: Kim Jungeun / Arrangement: Masaki Shuu

After the extreme happiness of ‘Candy Baby’ we find ourselves in up-tempo, pop sincerity. ‘Mermaid’ is pretty basic music-wise: live drums, guitars, a bit of synth, and violins. The lyrics are what really get you. English is prominent in the verses, and so it makes it more accessible to Americans. They are:

“If someone knew more about you
Than you do, totally knew, all of you through and through

You could search all around the world
There’s just one, special someone, standing so close to you

What you take for granted is natural
But you know you can’t forget
This one thing is true”

She goes on about how this person has hurt her but in the end, he’s made her who she is and that matters most. It’s a very heartfelt song and shows her chops as a lyricist. It makes me sad she isn’t releasing music anymore. The song is interesting otherwise in that it doesn’t have a bridge, like most pop music.


This single is perfect in all ways. If you want to hear great JPop, this is what you’re looking for. Kawabe-san proved herself a great vocal performer and lyricist. I was very impressed by this single because of it’s merits and because it was probably the third JPop song I ever heard way back in 2004. Thanks, Kinburi-chan!




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One Response to “Candy Baby / Mermaid”

  1. I think that the cover alone earns this single an A for “Awesome” XD

    Will definitely try it out as soon as possible.

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