(Shimatani Hitomi)
November 15, 2006
Oricon Peak: #12
Total Sales: 11,521
Lyricist: Chinfa Kang
Composers: Mikio Sakai, Nemoto Kaname



A Spanish percussion section comes in with great enthusiasm plus guitars, flutes, and other unrecognizable instruments. The instrumentation becomes very sparse during the verses but crescendos into the chorus. It is a very exotic sound and conveys well the message of passion which the song exudes. An instrumental break uses heavy clapping and lots of that strange flute and then we cut back into the chorus with a vamp. Vocally, Hitomi-san comes right in with a bit of the chorus and then into a section of lai lai lai. The verses are rapid-fire lyricism and fit very well with the background. There’s a crowd ulalating, also. The chorus has the same feeling as the verses but just the tiniest bit slowed down. All the feeling remains, of course. I especially like the  It’s a catchy song with mucho fun but lacks a bit of emotional capacity from Hitomi. Her vocals are well done and emotive, but there is just something that makes the song fall flat despite everything going for it.

True Blue

With a simple, thumping beat, ‘True Blue’ slows the single down and into a down-tempo pop number. In the background, pianos, a viola, and an… organ? Guitars carry the verses with the piano. That strange flute from ‘PASIO’ is used, too. It has a slow, New Orleans-like sound. Muted harmony underscores Hitomi’s voice and keeps the song peaceful. Overall, in fact, the song is very peaceful with a hint of sadness.


This single is one of simple correlations and drasticly different moods. That flute-like Spanish instrument carries throughout and adds a note of familiarity that these two moodswing tracks need to carry themselves as a congruent single. Very well done.




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