Destiny -太陽の花- / 恋水 -tears of love-

(Shimatani Hitomi)
Destiny –太陽の花– / 恋水 -tears of love-
June 21, 2006
Oricon Peak: #14
Total Sales: 25,825
Label: Avex Trax
Lyricist: Ayumi Miyazaki


Destiny –太陽の花
(Destiny -Taiyou no Hana-)
(Destiny -Flower of the Sun-)

Deep, powerful violins bind themselves strongly to the opening of the song. Shimatani’s voice, heavily edited for greater resonance, glides effortless through the violins energetic sound. A pounding beat enters after about thrity seconds and the soul of the piece changes quickly. Horns are used to great effect, also. The violin’s part changes with the inclusion of the synthetic booming. Hitomi-san is well known for her crossover work between classical and pop and this is a prime example of how grandly inspiring the genre can be. The chorus towers above the rest of the music with beautiful high notes and enough dynamism to pull the song into greatness. In a word: perfection.


恋水 -tears of love-
(Koimizu -tears of love-)

After the verocity of the first A-side, ‘恋水 -tears of love-‘ gives us a violin-driven ballad. Although the song is very well composed and performed it doesn’t seem to hold the same potentcy as the aforemention title track. It opens with a softly picked guitar and some loftly synthesizer adding to it gently. The verses and quiet and thoughtful. The chorus uses simple, effective intervals to keep it within reflective and keep the song from being a power ballad. It stands very close to both. The violins do a gorgeous trill in their upper tessitura at what would be the instrumental bridge. The song is lovely and a nice, subtle closing for the single.


This single find the heart and soul of the crossover genre and makes it accessible for everyone. If you are looking to get into Shimatani Hitomi, pick up this single. Both songs will astound you. Excellent in all ways.



P.S. In the cover art for ‘恋水 -tears of love-‘, doesn’t Hitomi-san look like Elphaba from Wicked? You know she’s an actress? She should play her in the Japanese stage version!

~ by vinyabarion on February 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Destiny -太陽の花- / 恋水 -tears of love-”

  1. I agree with you on that.
    Destiny was an amazing song, and one that really made me interested in her.

  2. I agree with your review on everything you say. This is my favourite Hitomi Shimatani single and Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- is the song that really made me fall in love with her music.

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