(Yamada Yu)
September 20, 2006
Oricon Peak: #10
Sales Total: 11,000+
Did Not Chart on Year-End
Label: Pony Crayon


With Dreamgirls-esque pounding piano chords, violin trills, and a penetrating, booming bass we find ourselves in the Japanese verison of ‘One Night Only’. The melody is strong, including quite a few high notes which she hits without too much trouble. All of these elements combine to give this single a strong lead. It’s fun without being saccarine, and sexy without being Kuu. The bridge is very spartan with little else but a trilling synth roll and then we’re thrown back onto the disco floor.

P.S. The music video (or PV) for this song is good. It focuses mainly on how beautiful Yamada-san is. I like the use of the light reflector umbrellas. The dancing is good, but Yamada is a little awkward. But I am pretty sure that that is because of the fact that she is wearing flats. No one looks graceful dancing flat-footed. Heels would have been better. Other points: the faux-Western cowboy hat looks ridiculous. Those giant, furry boots are kinda cool. She has really nice legs and a very beautiful face. She has Angelina Jolie lips. :P… lol…


More violins and muffled vocals lead us into a subito forte(suddenly loud) of mids and bass. What they did at the beginning was take out everything but the high-end treble. It’s a cool effect. The actual melody is darker than ‘REAL YOU’ but carries a fierceness that it only barely achieved. It’s an interesting song with quick violins and lots programmed synth bleeps. The violins are very, very similar to those found in Namie Amuro’s shine more. This is a B-side though that lives up to the title track and offers a great complement.

REAL YOU (Army Slick’s Vocal Build)

While this remix makes great use of Yu’s vocals, I found it, in general, a little lackluster. The synth sounds like it is coming from underwater and so do the vocals for the most part. He uses parts of the songs, like the violins. Overall, not that interesting, though I’m not saying it’s bad.


This was a good single. The songs were strong, and an artist, Yamada Yu has a strong voice. It doesn’t get overtaken by the song itself and owns its sound. But, compared to other singles, this one isn’t the most solid.


~ by vinyabarion on February 3, 2008.

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